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TTC After a Loss

Re-intro tw* loss and Lc mentioned

Hi! I intro’d here quite awhile ago but was benched due to testing and didn’t post much. I have been lurking though and following along with everyone. I hope it’s ok if I rejoin you all. 

So a little about me: I’m 33 with one son who is 3.5. I’m currently going through loss number 6, I guess considered a cp since I’m only 4w4d, but it sucks regardless. Weve been trying for over 2 years for a second child. DH and I have had a slew of testing done which resulted in an unexplained rpl diagnosis, but looking to see where we go from here. I know there’s a little overlap with TTGP, but looking forward to getting to know everyone else. 

Re: Re-intro tw* loss and Lc mentioned

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