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Scrapbook- Family Tree Complications

Hey everybody! I'm looking for some family tree advice for my baby book. I'm doing a custom one, because I have yet to find one that can actually fits my wants/needs. Anyhow, my parents and my husband's parents are all divorced and remarried (some multiple times with additional/step children). I'm trying to figure out how to do a family tree page. My original idea is to do a "biological" tree with only our bio parents and their bio parent's names (whom have also been divorced and remarried). On the following page(s), I was thinking listing grandparents, aunts/uncles, great grandparents maybe, with their current spouses. Any recommendations on designs? I'll post what I have so far, to clarify a bit (no judging on the crappy artwork, lol).

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    And a follow up question: do you add/remove people with marriages and divorces? Say my brother gets married next year, should I add her/him in, or just remain with the original because it was when baby was born? What about adding cousins when they're born? My kiddo will be the oldest of her generation, so she currently has no cousins.
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    i don’t have design advice but I just want to say how wonderful I think it is that you’re doing this. What a special present for your little one :)
    I don’t have a huge fam so didn’t have to put much thought in here - but I did just write small in the sections that had step-grandparents etc (as to include them for story’s sake)
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  • So I’m from an adoption background and my comment is heavy with influence from those trainings- 
    Remarried and non-biological family are just as much family as biological family. I’m a child of divorced parents and I know if can be confusing, but I imagine it would also be confusing to figure out how to understand family members that don’t easily fit into a family tree. I also imagine it would be hurtful to be left off family trees... if you’ve rearranged your life and have kids and see non-biological family as family and all that. 

    Anywho there’s a program called Genopro you can download and use as a free trial. It’s a little confusing to learn but you could lay it all out and see it later out. Then when you move to your baby book you could make the stylistic choices like colors and layers to show who came when and which kiddo is related to whom. 

    Whatever choices you make im sure it will be beautiful. 
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