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Della or Willa for baby girl?

Daughter #2 due in a few weeks and we can't decide on a name! Help! Thanks!!

Della or Willa for baby girl? 56 votes

19% 11 votes
80% 45 votes

Re: Della or Willa for baby girl?

  • If you want to go with Della, use the full name Delphine (old school, but I like it) and NN Della
  • I think Della is a cute NN. Maybe Cordelia
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  • Voted Willa only because Della seems too nicknamey. 
  • I like both, but I think I voted Della (it was a while ago). Just wanted to comment that I don't see why Della is nicknamey but Willa isn't (Wilhelmina). I like both as standalone names.
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    I like Della more. 
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