HDBD 2/6 — The Bump
June 2019 Moms

HDBD 2/6

Can’t believe it’s bump day again! Show us your bumps, ladies! 

Re: HDBD 2/6

  • Front on cause my side profile is still a bit lumpy 😂😂

  • My little 19 week bump

    @wiseh so cute! Love your outfit!
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  • @wiseh @magpie87 you ladies look adorable!! And Wiseh I also love your outfit :) I will be taking my pic tonight and will post. 
    Are people noticing y’all are pregnant now? This last week has made all the difference for me. (As well as finally buying some maternity clothes that hug my bump.)
  • Same outfit, same tree tapestry - *slightly* bigger bump!
  • Thanks @magpie87 and @raemy12345

    I’m finally back at work after all my issues and everyone knows I’m pregnant now so I just constantly get barraged with questions. Haha. I don’t think I look pregnant though, but my lovely hi-vis certainly makes it a bit more obvious 😂

  • Not much different than last week although now my tummy is getting a bit harder now. 

    @wiseh love the outfit. I actually wore a striped shirt yesterday! I should’ve taken a photo then! 

    @raemy12345 My clients all know that I’m pregnant as well as their adult children. I work in home care and I’m able to wear normal clothes, which makes them feel better than me wearing scrubs. I don’t get asked questions much unlike friends and family who are like “Can you feel baby kick? Do you know gender yet?” Which I will hopefully find out gender on Monday. 🤞🏼 Just hoping the little babe will cooperate.

    Also love all your bumps ladies. 💕
    @wiseh @magpie87 @raemy12345
  • 23 weeks today! ☺️🤰🏻 You all look so great!

    @raemy12345 I feel like I’m way past the “is she or isn’t she stage” but so far I’m mostly just getting awkward stares on the train. Like they’re trying to decide if they should offer me a seat or if I’m just still carrying some holiday pounds. I don’t care about the seat, but I wish people wouldn’t just stare at my belly! 😐

  • Ugh I’m just loving everyone’s bumps!!
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