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  • @hakele YESSSS I love those too!  I, um, sometimes eat them with peanut butter. 
  • So.... my food aversions are to all food except raw veggies. Which is a good thing except I’m now losing weight again. But eating other food - especially sweets - makes me feel ill. 
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  • @pizzaplz I don’t know about that, I guess it would be a bit like a giant tagalong? Could be good. 
    I am big lover of British biscuits and sweets. I usually bring bag an entire bag of just biscuits and sweets I can’t get here, like Percy Pigs and Fox’s Jam and Cream. Roundtree’s Randoms. All my favorites. One I really love is Crunchie Biscuits! But I buy them at Cost Plus! 
  • Ugh. It’s always so quiet in here on the weekends... like you guys have lives or something. 
    How am I supposed to procrastinate putting away all the Christmas decorations if you guys aren’t here? 
  • @hakele I would love to procrastinate with you, but as soon as I eat and get some coffee we need to go back and do more cleaning at the old house. 
  • We had a late night here. H is working OOT and I don't sleep well when he is gone so I stayed up watching a few episodes of The Closer. Finally went to lay down around midnight and as soon as I dozed off my oldest started vomiting and didn't stop till about 3 this morning. He hasn't puked again since so I'm hoping we are in the clear.. So we've have a very low key lazy day here.

    @indulgentgypsy were you able to talk to the landlord about rent and all the repairs needed to the old place? 

  • @hakele very laid back weekend planned with minor cleaning. I already took my nap today so I'm going to try to straighten up.

    @nopegoat hope he feels better and that it doesn't go around.

    I can't seem to bring myself to purchase many baby items until I know the sex.

  • I started on my registry as a way to procrastinate! 
    @asupernovablizzardstorm I feel you. I need to know to make this really, really real. 
  • @nopegoat hope your kiddo feels better. The landlord... we refuse to talk to her unless it is over email or text. She repeatedly changes her story over the phone yells and screams at us and then hangs up. We are not paying rent and only want our security deposit back - this the cleaning.
  • Spending the evening watching boys beat each other up! 
  • @nopegoat - I hope your little one feels better! 

    @asupernovablizzardstorm - Same. I hadn't bought anything but one generic onesie and a car seat for #3. Now that we found out this morning I can buy all the things. 
  • He was fine all day yesterday and puked once again in the middle of the night. I don't know what is going on. 

  • @nopegoat oh no! maybe reflux related? DS has had that when his food isn’t digesting from dinner and wakes himself up puking. 
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  • @mamanbebe I don't think so unfortunately. He's never had any reflux problems and he said before he has to vomit his head will hurt, he feels super tired, then vomits and then feels nauseous a tiny bit still but feels normal otherwise.

  • @nopegoat Oof, poor little dude :( 
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  • @nopegoat - Poor little guy, hope it doesn't happen again. 

    All the pop tart talk had me craving pop tarts, and I bought a box when I went grocery shopping this morning. 
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