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Brief introduction

Hi everyone!
Nice to meet you!
I am Elvy, 55 yo. Branching from having recurrent m/cs(it was almost 10 years ago) to surrogacy using donor eggs. 
Hope I'll find some support here.

Re: Brief introduction

  • Hello dear! I’m so sorry for your loss. Only god knows how it was hard. I really feel for you. Even can say I've been in exactly those same shoes.

    I’m not frequently visiting the forum.  I’m so busy now with all the preparations.  My DH and I are going through the surrogacy now. I do not know about your particular case and preferences. I can’t know where you decide to have your journey. Anyway, I’ll be happy to help you with it. You can PM me for sharing more detailed info on my clinic.

    Honestly, you perhaps have to take some rest before taking any steps. Hold on despite the thing happening to you. I’m here to support you and believe in your happiness. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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