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Appointments Week of 02/04

Whag do you have scheduled this week!?
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Re: Appointments Week of 02/04

  • key33key33
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    2/8: Monthly midwife appointment.
    2/9: Anatomy scan, this week needs to go by quickly. We cannot wait to find out. 
  • 18wk appt on the 6th. At my last appt, she couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler really easily and brought in the ultrasound machine real quick. I'm kind of hoping the same happens so we might get a quick peek at the sex before our anatomy scan on the 15th. 

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  • Regular OB appointment on 2/7 hoping to see the baby since all the past appointments have been an ultrasound.. we'll see! Will be nice to get a bit of relief to make sure everything is progressing like it should. 
  • 2/5 - therapy. 
    2/7 - monthly OB.  I was told this month would have no US. Just Doppler, weigh in, pee in a cup probably. I dunno. Not planning on it being that involved. Mainly planning on asking about sleeping. 
  • @nopegoat I don’t wish you the stress of not being able to hear the heartbeat or anything.... but I’m wishing for the same thing for you I’m excited to find out what you’re having! 

    We had our A/S today (2/4) and I was super nervous since my AFP was a little high on my last round of bloodwork so my midwife said the tech would be taking extra care to look at babies spine for any sign of spina bifida or any other potential neural tube defects. I’m not a doctor or anything but the tech showed me baby in detail after my scan and he looked perfect, I could see all the bones in his spine and ribs, his brain looked just like DD’s did at her A/S and his growth seemed right on track so for now it looks like things are good! 

    My next appointment with my midwife is feb 28th but I’ll definitely get booked into to the high risk pregnancy centre before that for my in depth placental ultrasound just to make sure we don’t have a leaky placenta - but babies growth is good so hopefully any issues we might have are minor 🤞🏼 And if nothing else it’ll be nice to get another peek at my little boy 💙
  • @mrscammack I'm feeling movement a good bit now otherwise I wouldn't wish it either! 

  • Had a normal checkup today and my gynecologist spontaneously asked if I wanted to find out the sex and did it on the spot :) was a surprise as I didn’t expect that today!

    She was also very patient with my indecision about where to give birth :) gave me a few more clinics to check out...looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of visits hahaha. She is in her mid 30’s with two little girls (youngest is 3) so she is very relatable...too bad she doesn’t do births...but at least I can keep doing my follow up appointments with her until I reach 6 months!
  • Just got done with my appt. Turd#5, in true turd form 😉, didn't cooperate for the doppler so she brought in the ultrasound machine. But the baby was also in the worst possible position to try and see the sex so.... So close, yet so far away! But everything looked great. Heartbeat was 162 and was wiggling like crazy! Anatomy scan is on the 15th!

  • @nopegoat I came in here hoping you found out! 🤪
    Glad everything looked good!
  • @mama_bear19 I was really hoping we would. This was the first appt H actually went to and I was like, "Yes!! The stars are aligned, h is here, ultrasound, today is the day!!"  Then nope. Such a turd 😂😂😂 

  • AS ...I'm in the waiting room. Kind of nervous despite normal tests so far.
    July 4th
  • @nopegoat it it took my OB some time to get a read on the Doppler and I was so excited for like 30 seconds that it would mean she would pull out the US and maybe we could know... but then she found it. A nice calm 135. 
    Were your HRs that high with your other boys? 
    My boss thinks this is a boy since I got the 135... 
  • @hakele yep! Almost always between 150 and 165.

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