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Please help us decide upon the following 4 combinations....thank you in advance!!!
Ezra Cory
Cory Ezra
Ezra Cayden
Cory Asher

Re: Baby Name Vote

  • Ezra over Cory and the Ayden names were over done 5 years ago so no more of those 

    Ezra Cory 

  • Ezra Cory, definitely 
  • I really like Ezra Cayden!  Not sure about those names being popular or not, but I love how they sound together, giving your little girl a really cool name.  😊
  • @febmommy2019 I know OP doesn't say it, but I'm sure this is for a boy. And if it isn't, then I 100% believe PP would like to change their answers to the question.
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  • Yes, it is a boy. Thank you!
  • Another vote for Ezra Cory!
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