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TTC 2nd, prescribed Femara

We’ve been TTC our 2nd for a year and a half and I was prescribed Femara for my next cycle. Has anyone used this and did it work the first time? 

Re: TTC 2nd, prescribed Femara

  • I used femara.  It did not work for me on its own.  I had to add injections to the mix and after about 9 months of treatment I got pregnant.  ***TW****it ended in a MC so I’m still here trying.  I have a friend who used it and got KU after 3rd cycle.  Both myself and friend used femara with IUIs
  • Good luck to you! I can’t imagine. I will start it next cycle and was doing some research on it today, on my breaks. Wondering if the pills alone will work. Thank you for your information!
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