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Maternity leave for second baby in under a year

Has anyone else with a full time job had to try to take a second maternity leave less than a year after the first? I’m so scared to tell my job. I’m 20 weeks and I’m just so scared to disappoint them. I got a promotion recently and I really love my job and feel like I’m jeopardizing it somehow? Is my job protected even though I’ve only been back at work for ten months since last baby? I looked up the laws and it says you are eligible for FMLA every 12 months. Anyone in a similar boat? 

Re: Maternity leave for second baby in under a year

  • Depends on your employer.  Technically you only get 12 weeks covered under FMLA every 12 months but the way your employer calculates that can differ.  If you have short term disability through your employer that generally will be ok to use twice in one year, but you'll have to tell them to figure out what you'll get.

    My last 2 kids are 15 months apart, and we have a 16 week maternity leave policy that doesn't require a waiting period.  So I had gone back to work after DD2 in October and started my next maternity leave for DS the following September.  But that is allowed under my employer's policy.  If your employer likes you enough, they'll protect your job while you're on leave whether it is legally required or not.
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  • I am not in a similar boat but agree with PP. 
    I would suggest in investigating your work policies to verify how they calculate yearly.
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