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Thoughts on name Ayla ?

And how would you pronounce it :)

Re: Thoughts on name Ayla ?

  • I like it. I would pronounce it A-LA.
  • Rhymes with Kayla.

    It is ok but feels too modern and trendy for me to use it.
  • I love it. It's pronounced just as it looks...

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  • Just okay...…..nothing standout
  • Like Kayla. And meh like Kayla.
  • Eye-la like Isla?

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  • My gut would be to pronounce it "eye-luh" as well
  • I would go with eye-la too. 

    We are having a boy, but Isla was on my short list for a girl, we were also considering Ayla (Hebrew) and Eila (Gaelic) b/c DH is Jewish and I am Irish. BUT, the main reason I wouldn't go with the Ayla spelling is that I would be afraid it would be pronounced A-la and I have a cousin name Aila, which is pronounced that way. Her full name is Aileen, so if you were looking for the A-la pronunciation, you may think about going that way instead.
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  • Agree with PP, pronounced like Kayla.
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  • I love it!!  ;) I do it get mispronunciations quite often though
  • I have a friend who used it. Pronounced like Kayla. Kid is in high school now. Seems like the name worked well for her. I like it. 


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