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Symptoms of the Week 1/28

Figured we needed a fresh discussion thread, we were falling a few weeks behind:

Anyone else packing on the lbs already? Got weighed today at the Dr. and I gain like 4lbs between each monthly appointment (20lbs so far). This is really freaking me out. Once I got out of the 1st trimester my eating went back to my normal pre-pregnancy intake (instead of the linebacker amounts I was eating to not puke), but the lbs still keep packing on even though I am not overeating. Help!

Re: Symptoms of the Week 1/28

  • I started around 122-124 and I'm weighing 129 lbs today. I'm 17+3 today. My OB only wants me to gain 20-25 lbs the whole pregnancy. The last 3 lbs was also overnight!
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  • @babyginjuly sounds like you are right on track with weight gain. I'm jealous, I don't know what's wrong with me!
  • @julybaybay nothing wrong with you!! I think it's first time for us pregnant so we don't have a clue what to expect! We can't control any of it lol just gotta roll with it!
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  • Anyone else still feeling nausea? I thought it had gone away but it keeps creeping back from time to time 😭 
  • key33key33
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    I had lost a couple lbs. early on, because of how nauseous I was during the first trimester. I think I've gained around 8ish lbs., after what I had lost. I’m 17w 5d right now.

    I gained almost 50lbs with my first and 40lbs with my second. I’m expecting to gain around the same this time around too.
  • @julybaybay I’m sure the weight will be coming for me soon, I’m up just shy of 10lbs so far but the last week I’ve been ravenous and eating way more than usual. I’m kind of dreading my next appointment - it’s such a struggle because I feel like I need to eat when I’m hungry but I also don’t want to gain 60lbs like I did without DD. 

    Other than being ravenous I’ve noticed my sciatica has started up again, earlier than my first pregnancy which has been a bummer. It’s also been super cold here and every time I leave my house within a few seconds my nipples feel like they’re on fire no matter how many layers I wear. Second trimester so far has definitely been better than the first though! 
  • @quinniebear Me! Regularly. Not puking EVERY day anymore, but every 3-4, also nauseous daily, usually at night.

    That plus daily headaches and the s*** taste in my mouth and, of course the hormones triggering all of it has led to a lot of bedtime breakdowns/sob sessions this week.

    Still not packing on that much weight, I weighed myself at the END of the day the other day and was within 2 lbs of where I started, and I usually weigh myself in the morning...
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  • I think I'm finally turning the corner with nausea. I'm still so damn tired though. 

  • I can’t take more than 3-4 bites of food without feeling completely full. This always happened in the 3rd trimester with my precious 2, but 17 weeks seems early for this! I just want to enjoy a regular meal without feeling completely full and like I overate! 
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  • @nolemomma14 I am having this issue of fullness, too. I either have to eat really slowly or eat part of a meal and the rest later. Also, if I eat a normal amount, I get terrible acid reflux (been taking Zantac occasionally before meals). 
  • I started around 225lbs. At the lowest, I was at 212.6. Today I’m at 213.9 after holding steady at 213.2 for weeks. 
    Im only supposed to gain 11-20 lbs. But, I want to ask if that is from this 213 or from my original 225. 

    @quinniebear I’m still getting nausea. Today is panning out to be a rough day. I’m usually okay in the afternoon and evening now, but still have a bad day every 3-4 days. 

    @nolemomma14 I’m a FTM, but I’ve been feeling like that almost the whole time. I don’t know what I’ll do when I get “fuller”. 
  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    @hakele the projected weight gain is usually from your initial starting weight (225). Here's a handy calculator!

    ETA: I can't believe you lost so much from morning sickness! I feel so bad for you and I hope you can get back to normal soon!

    As much as I like these calculators, everyone is different. I tend to gain more in the beginning and level off after ~30wks. So it says I've gained too much so far but I know it'll even out by the end.
  • hakelehakele
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    @Cbeanz what’s crazy is that my loss would be greater if my boobs weren’t already a cup size larger at least and that I have this big belly sticking out. 
    My doc says I’m gaining where it counts. Haha. 
    i haven’t been eating a ton, but not throwing up anything of substance. I’m not like going around hungry. I really think the loss was from HCG burn. I’m skinnier on the sides than I was before, now I’m all tummy and boobs. Hahaha. 
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