HDBD wk of 1/30 — The Bump
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HDBD wk of 1/30

It’s been too long - let’s see some bumps!!

Re: HDBD wk of 1/30

  • DD: 6/25
    19wks +1 day
    Got waaaaaay bigger in last two weeks!!
  • Oh my gosh @raemy12345 your bump is beautiful and I love that it fits perfectly with the tree trunk! Haha.

    I realised I haven’t taken a bump pic in forever but here’s one of me in my new maternity work clothes. The pleats in the shirt and the fact the crutch of my pants is practically at my knees are my favourite parts 🤮

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  • @raemy12345 you have such a cute bump!
    @wiseh that's funny! Maternity pants always seem to have crotches that hang way low for me & I hate that! The pleated top is cute, though 😊

    This is my little bump from about 3 weeks ago. I need to get a new picture now that the bump has really started to show itself. 
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  • It might be cute in that picture @magpie87 but since I’ve washed it the bottom of the pleat doesn’t form again (I refuse to iron hi vis clothing) so it sticks out like a teepee. It flaps in the wind too and more than once it had ended up flashing everyone my bra 😂😂

    I love your bump too! I can’t wait to have a proper bump. 

  • I’m 20 weeks today! First child, so small little bump so far. Been wearing maternity shirts for the past few weeks as well. 
  • @magpie87 @ami500 @wiseh yaaaaay look at those bumps!!
    @wiseh Lolol regarding the wardrobe malfunctions on the job (you poor dear!!!) Maybe a safety pin would help keep the wind out of your shirt? Either way y’all are gorgeous and we’re getting through that awkward bump phase like champs.
  • 19 weeks today! 
  • @holyboobsbatman beautiful bump ya got there!!! 💜💜💜 <3
  • @raemy12345 Thank you! We've graduated from, "I ate too much mac-and-cheese" to "I'm pregnant!" (Baggy sweaters still look a bit more like "I ate too much)
  • Showing so much more, so much sooner this time!
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  • @Sunshine4020 beautiful <3 bump!!
    And yes @holyboobsbatman we DO finally look pregnant! I’m finally shopping for some more form fitting work clothes because the baggy sweaters I’ve been wearing for months are definitely giving me that Mac-n-cheese look.
    PS: I did eat a ton of Mac and cheese today - lol
  • @wiseh Don't blame you for not wanting to iron. Lol about the flashing. I feel like some of my regular maternity clothes will set me up for a wardrobe malfunction like that, ha ha!

    I'm definitely ready for a bigger bump! I'm surprised I'm not huge already since this is Baby #3!

    @ami500 @holyboobsbatman & @Sunshine4020 Look at those beautiful bumps!
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  • Everyone looks beautiful!! Still waiting to not look like I ate a big burrito!!
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