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How do you pronounce Dashiell?

I always assumed it was DASH-el, but Behind the Name says it should be da-SHEEL. I'm wondering if it's a regional or national difference. I've never actually known anyone in person with this name.

Re: How do you pronounce Dashiell?

  • I would be unsure but probably guess DASH-el
  • Da-sheel
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  • Da-sheel 
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  • Da- Sheel

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  • da-SHEEL I would recognize Daschell as the other pronunciation.
  • Shoot, I'm glad I asked! Lol. I don't like the da-SHEEL pronunciation at all. Back to the drawing board.
  • I would say Dash-el   because of the ell ending

  • My brother-in-law’s name is Dashle and it's pronounced DASH-el - he goes by Dash and it’s such a great name! You can pronounce your baby’s name however you want :) 
  • It's Dash-el for sure.  If someone mispronounces it, just correct them and move in. 
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