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Uterus didelphys- 1st pregnancy

Hello, I am 31 years old at 13 weeks with my first pregnancy. Today was my very first ultrasound & I found out I have this condition where my uterus us split in 2 by a wall like a septum & I also have 2 cervix. I am going to a specialist in 2 weeks so they can take a better look with their state of the art ultrasound equipment. My doctor said she has seen this several times where the uterus is in the shape of a heart & the top part that goes into the V shape just continued down forming a wall that separates the uterus into two parts. However, she says mine is different, that the wall looks like it's formed starting on the bottom & she's never seen anything like it. Other than that she says the baby looks perfect & healthy, I just pray for good news from the specialist & nothing to further complicate my situation.

Re: Uterus didelphys- 1st pregnancy

  • Hi! I have the same condition and about to go through IVf. Wondering how you are doing? I'm so nervous to get pregnant with this condition and hearing from other women that have done it helps so much! Hope you are great!
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