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which spelling do you prefer?

My husband and I have decided to name our baby girl Della Jane/Jayne, but we disagree on the spelling of the middle name. He likes the more traditional spelling and I like the "y" version bc my father's name is Jay. My husband thinks that Jayne looks made up. Any other middle name suggestions are also welcome! 😊Thanks!

which spelling do you prefer? 70 votes

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Re: which spelling do you prefer?

  • I agree with your husband, but I prefer traditional spellings.
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  • IMO since it is MN the spelling doesn't matter as much and I honestly like that it is a nod to your dad.
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  • Jane 100% (a little biased as it’s my daughter’s MN)

    I think if you want you honor your dad you could name her Della Jay or find another way to honor him
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  • Use the traditional spelling.

    I received more than two personalized gifts for my son, with his middle name misspelled (there are two variants, we chose the more accepted one).
    My first name has two variants, mine being the less common, and I dislike having to constantly correct people and spell it out.

    Using a traditional spelling will avoid a lifetime of small annoyances for your child.
  • I voted for Jayne because I like the nod to your dad. My preferred spelling of the middle name is Jane though. Though I understand the frustration of misspelling names. I’m on the fence myself. 
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    I would do Della Jane or Della jay. 
    Not a fan of Jayne! 
  • Your husband is 100% correct. Jayne is aweful, and expect to it be spelled the correct way her whole life.

    Why not just go with Della Jay if you want to honor your dad - or if you want Jane spell it properly. 
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