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Help with names!!!

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We are really struggling to name our second daughter!!! Our last name starts with W and rhymes with Bells... I know. What subtle hints right? Bet you can’t guess it lol. She will have an older sister named Tessa.

I really love the name Josephine but DH is really lukewarm to it. He is getting warmer but wants the middle name to Camille if we go with this name. His main hang up with this name is that it sounds “old” and too masculine because it’s the feminine version of Joseph. 

The name he wants is Camille nn Cammie. I don’t like this name for her because it reminds me of his brother whose name is Cameron nn Cam. I love his brother but I think of him every time I hear Cammie. I know the names Cameron and Camille aren’t THAT close but the association is something I haven’t been able to shake out of my head... He hasn’t suggested any middle names for Camille and I can’t come up with any I like because I just really don’t like it as a first name. I also feel like it clashes with our last name a little? 

Naming our first daughter came so easily. Why is this so hard!?

Re: Help with names!!!

  • No to Camille - too much of an association to Cameron, IMO.

    Josephine is a wonderful name! Not masculine at all *look at all the girls names Charlie, Logan, etc - those are masculine*
  • I love the name Josephine with nn's like Josie, Jojo, etc. What about Camilla with a nn of Mila?

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  • Thanks for replying! And for agreeing with me! 😉 I think I’m just gonna keep at it trying to get the name I want! He just told me he really likes the nickname Josie so I think there is hope!!! 😁
  • Littleredm I hadn’t thought of that!! Mila is really cute! 
  • I love Josephine so so much. Go with that!

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  • I’ll echo preferring Josephine. I think it’s a pretty feminine name. You could go with Josefina if your DH wants a more clearly feminine name. Not a fan of Camilla with your BIL of Cameron. It’s too close.
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