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Cordelia Joelle or Charlotte Joelle?

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I am expecting my third girl, we already have a Camila Juliet (nickname Mila) and a Coraline Jolie (nickname Cora).  We are sticking to the CJ initials and I am super picky.  My husband is 100% on Team Cordelia and doesn't like that Charlotte has a different "C-sound"...which is actually one of the things I like about it. Here are my pros & cons:

Charlotte Pros: Such a pretty name- especially with Joelle, I think it goes with our other daughters' names without being too similar, my picky mom likes it
Charlotte Cons: It's super popular right now, I'm not a fan of Charlie, Lottie, or any of its other nicknames and I'm a 'nickname person.'

Cordelia Pros: I love the nickname Ellie/Elia. It's my husband's #1 choice. It's not popular right now, I think it's a pretty name
Cordelia Cons: Starts with the same 3 letters as Coraline (our 2nd daughter. Not sure why this bothers me), Reactions from others have been mixed, is it too weird?

I'm really split right down the middle on this!

Cordelia Joelle or Charlotte Joelle? 46 votes

Charlotte Joelle
50% 23 votes
Cordelia Joelle
50% 23 votes

Re: Cordelia Joelle or Charlotte Joelle?

  • I voted Cordelia. I think it's pretty and Charlotte is so popular these days. Plus you loving the nicknames (and not liking the ones for Charlotte) and your husband loving it.

    Also I don't think it should matter what your mom thinks.
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  • I much prefer Cordelia. 
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  • I voted Charlotte because Cora is sometimes a nn for Cordelia and I find Cordelia and Coraline Jolie very close to Cordelia Joelle


  • I voted Cordelia (which I really like). I also like PP's suggestion of Charlize.
  • I much prefer Cordelia but you have a Coraline so by default I vote Charlotte 

  • Voted Charlotte

    Love PP suggestion of Cecelia Joelle! Nickname Cece is super cute and not too similar to your other girls 
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  • I voted Cordelia for all the reasons posted above. I love the suggestion of Cecelia!

    Other suggestions:
    Clara Joelle
    Colette Joelle
    Celeste Joelle
    Catalina Joelle
    Cassandra Joelle
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  • I voted Cordelia because it's very pretty and much less common than Charlotte which is super trendy right now. But I think it is too close sounding to Coraline.. 
    LOVE pp's suggestion of either Catalina or Colette. 
  • I voted Charlotte because I think Cordelia is too close to Coraline. I tend to agree with your husband the about the C sound being different than your other 2 daughters though. If it were me, I'd prefer it the same sound if I'm doing all C names. 

    Some suggestions:
    Camila, Coraline, and Cadence
    Camila, Coraline, and Claire
    Camila, Coraline, and Clara
    Camila, Coraline, and Clarice
    Camila, Coraline, and Clarissa
    Camila, Coraline, and Cassandra
    Camila, Coraline, and Chloe
    Camila, Coraline, and Colette
    Camila, Coraline, and Clementine
    Camila, Coraline, and Claudia
    Camila, Coraline, and Carina
    Camila, Coraline, and Caitlyn
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