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Placenta Previa

Hi everyone. I just got a call 2 nights ago that my ultrasound showed signs of Placenta Previa and they put me on pelvic rest. This is my first pregnancy and I'm really trying not to get myself too worried about it. Has anyone else gone through this or can anyone offer advice? I was 19 weeks when I got my ultrasound so still somewhat early..

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    Sorry to hear you are going through this. I don't have advice or personal experience but I do have a good friend who had full placenta previa and it resolved on its own. She was on pelvic rest as well. Chances are that the placenta will move up as your pregnancy progresses.
  • I'm so sorry to hear this too @erae1240! Similar to @marijaa333's friend, fiance's sister was put on bed rest for full PP around the same gestation as you & hers completely resolved on its own as well. Fingers crossed that yours moves up as well. Do you have any further ultrasounds booked yet?
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  • @erae1240 did they say, or do they know if it's full or partial placenta previa? I had partial with my son and it freaked me out as the doc who reviewed my anatomy scan basically said I would definitely need a c-section (terrible bed-side manner!). But when I went back to my regular doc I wasn't put on pelvic rest and my OB wasn't worried at all. My OB assured me that being so early it was likely to resolve and move up as my uterus continued to expand. That's what ended up happening to me, but again it was only partial. I don't know about the odds of it moving far enough away when it's full but I don't think it's impossible.  
  • I had placenta previa in my first pregnancy. The dr said we had to be prepared for a possible c-section as I was having a lot of bleeding that pregnancy. The placenta did move up eventually and I had a normal birth. I hope yours moves, too.

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  • My next ultrasound will be at my 28 week appointment which will be in 6 weeks..
  • It's just partial! Oh that's good to hear! I'm hoping it resolves on it's own!! Fingers crossed..
  • That is good to hear.. thank you! 
  • Mine moved up just over the last 8 weeks. So there’s hope (:
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