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2nd Baby - Preeclampsia repeat?

Just curious if anyone else due in June had preeclampsia with their 1st child and, like me, is slightly nervous about round 2..? Be good to have someone to converse with... Thanks 

Re: 2nd Baby - Preeclampsia repeat?

  • Hey @holidayemma this board is pretty dead now and I don’t think if the ladies that did have pre-e are still around but there is a Facebook group called “preeclampsia, eclampsia & hellp syndrome survivors” that might be helpful for you ❤️❤️
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    I had pre-e with my 1st and 3rd but not my second oddly enough. I have no idea why I didn’t get it that time around and FX I don’t get it this time. Wish I could be more help but I do know you are more likely to get it again if you had it previously. When I got it the second time it was earlier and more severe (I also had HELLP as well) - with my first it hit around 35 weeks with my third it was 26ish. When did you develop pre-e?
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  • I had it with my 1st. My Dr has me on a baby aspirin a day to hopefully combat getting it again. 
  • Yup, had it with my first. I’m being seen by a MFM exclusively, have an appointment every two weeks and will begin growth ultrasounds and nsts soon to monitor. Baby aspirin is a must and taking my blood pressure at home too. Nerves are normal, but there’s no guarantee it’ll happen again. Hang in there. 
  • Oh thanks so much for the replies! I’m not the only one in the boat :smile: . 26 weeks with the second wow! I got it severely the first time at around 29 weeks and had her at 32 can’t imagine it being more severe than I had it - I took on about 4 stone in water! I’m on the baby asprin and have a dopler in just over two weeks which should be a indicator apparently. What’s an MFM - sorry not down with the lingo! I’m not being observed as much as that but deemed high risk with addl scans etc. I’m nervous for sure but trying to keep it all as relaxed as possible - don’t feel I am quite as connected etc this time around possibly mostly being second child but also holding something back in case it all goes wrong. :-( I think the next scan / dopler should hopefully help with that. 
  • @holidayemma a MFM is a maternal fetal medicine doctor. They are generally used (at least here in the States) when you are considered high risk. I have seen one for both of my pregnancies. 
  • I didn't have pre-e in my previous pregnancy but my mom had it when she was pregnant with me (first child) but didn't have it in any of her subsequent pregnancies (we are a family of 5 kids). 

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  • Ah thank you. Yes I’m a Brit so that is why I don’t understand! They are all over it here - I have a dopler test in two weeks and when/ if my feet start to swell (argh!!!) thank you stardust good to know! Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻
  • I had severe pre-eclampsia with my first and didn’t even know until I got pregnant with my second. I was induced with my first and they just said high blood pressure. I have a new OB at a different practice and she was shocked after going through my charts that they never told me. I have to do a 24 hour urine test to get a baseline as well as take baby aspirin. I’m hoping that I don’t gain as much this pregnant. I was so very swollen with my daughter and lost about 30 pounds in water weight/baby in the first week. 
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