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Week 3 Checkin w/o 1/22

This check in is for ladies with due dates 3/17-3/23. Let me know if this is your first check in and I will add you.

Due date: 

Any appointments? Questions?:


How are you feeling?: 

GTKY: Has this pregnancy gone as you expected? Why or why not? FTM's what do you feel women don't talk about? STM+'s how has this been different from your previous pregnancies?

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Re: Week 3 Checkin w/o 1/22

  • Due date: 3/17 

    Any appointments? Questions?: 32 week appointment today. my only question at this point is how many people can be in the room if i have a c-section. My mom and BF are butting heads about taking me to the hospital and i have a feeling that may become an issue as well. If i have to choose its gonna be BF Of Course, but would be nice if i can avoid static and let her be in there too...doubt it..but fingers crossed for my sanity LOL. 

    Rants/Raves?: Ranting...my boyfriend is making me nuts. He is making it very clear to me that he wants to be physically intimate, but he is not going about it the right way and what he does turns me OFF. a few weeks ago we were laying down and he basically rolled on me and started pawing my legs and asking "Can we do it'...and i was like BACK UP. when he comes over, he's like "umm can we do it today?" and i keep telling him to stop asking me and if he is feeling amorous, just like, be smooth with it. asking me makes me feel ridiculous. i don't have an on and off switch LOL. i am feeling so big and uncomfortable right now that that is really low on my list of wants right now, but if he would be affectionate and nice and sweet then it may help me get in the mood. until then, i have a feeling he's going to be pissed because i know yall know..there is NO convincing us to do what we don't want to do at this point! 

    How are you feeling?: large. my belly is very round and heavy. my son keeps telling me its the size of a watermelon already, which it is NOT lol, but he likes to tease me. i tried to clean the house this weekend but i am at the point of being out of breath a lot. constantly thirsty but doing pretty good mentally. I am ready to have this baby although we have some time left. I just want my tummy back to myself LOL. she is not doing so well with sharing. and i think she is head down and i constantly feel her hands tickling down there. its strange but i still enjoy it. 

    GTKY: Has this pregnancy gone as you expected? Why or why not? FTM's what do you feel women don't talk about? STM+'s how has this been different from your previous pregnancies? 

    This pregnancy is definitely different from my first. it has not been bad...but 10 years later, it has been more symptomatic i would say. i started off 30 lbs bigger and i can feel the difference in moving around. i have a lot of back pain with this one, lots of lower back and hips when i get in and out of bed, had worse morning sickness the first trimester, and she feels so heavy. I had a lot more energy with my first. i haven't gotten much done this time around and i keep saying i don't know how i was going to clubs and concerts and parties with the first one, because this time around all i want to do is sleep when i'm not working. my skin is also terrible, flaky and dry,  and i am proof of the girls stealing beauty myth this time. i'm glad my son is old enough to be mostly self sufficient because he has been a big help as far as taking care of himself and me at times. with my first pregnancy i was single and i missed having a partner and being intimate, but this time around i dont want my man to TOUCH me, i look at him and i explode with love and affection and appreciation for him,...but if he comes near me i want him to back up LOL. its definitely different. 

  • @zionsmama85 I occasionally have to have that conversation with MH, although lately I'm the one getting turned down which doesn't do much for my confidence. I hate asking straight up, but most of the time that's the only way he gets the hint.

    Due date: 3/20

    Any appointments? Questions?: 32 week US tomorrow to see how gigantic LO is gonna be.

    Rants/Raves?: I had plans for such a productive weekend and nothing happened. I feel like it's going to be like that for the next few months. All I want to do is nap.

    How are you feeling?: 

    GTKY: Has this pregnancy gone as you expected? Why or why not? FTM's what do you feel women don't talk about? STM+'s how has this been different from your previous pregnancies?

    Up until recently the differences had been subtle. More nausea, less acne, more emotions, less headaches. Now that I have to completely change the way I eat and focus on getting moving more my body feels tired and heavy and achy. While I've been able to keep it manageable, the SPD pain makes walking uncomfortable and I never really feel full due to the limiting diet I'm on. LO's movements have been downright painful, as well as very different from DD1's. I only recently started feeling what I think are hiccups which has indicated to me she's head down, but otherwise I haven't gotten a lot of rib kicks like last time, nor do I have a lot of crotch shots to indicate she's low or breech. It's strange how different DD2's movements have been. And if this pregnancy is any indication of how challenging she will be as a child, we're in for a rough ride.

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  • @meggyme i know that you have mentioned that your libido has gone up. mine is in the sewer LOL, however i am still very physically attracted to him and it wouldn't be a stretch to get the party started its just you know how men are. He feels neglected so he doesn't touch me, hug me, kiss me, sits far away from me when we are watching tv, but then will just roll up on me and ask can we "do it"....it just doesn't work like that LOL. i keep telling him i am like an oven and he needs to preheat. you can't just throw cookies in a cold oven. we don't insta-turn on like men do and he told me at one point its upsetting to him that he has to do more than kiss my neck to get me going. I was like "you, sir, are quite the romantic -___-"  and then of course my hormones make me mad and now i don't want you to touch me if you don't want to. FUN TIMES OVER HERE LOL. I do honestly feel bad because i feel like i am neglecting him, but its like he has a gift to know exactly what to do or say to take me from 100 to 0 in 3 seconds flat. 

  • @zionsmama85 I totally get it and I predict this will be the vicious cycle I end up in while I'm nursing LO. When I was BFing DD1 there were definitely some times where I had to just agree to do it and kind of start building from there. I'd have to set my mind to it earlier in the day and kind of approach the whole rest of the day starting up my own engine: me going to him to cuddle on the couch, me reading erotica on my ipad while he watched tv, me putting on some cute lingerie so I felt sexy (harder to do right now), etc so that when we got to the inevitable "you wanna?" the answer was more likely to be yes.
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  • Due date: March 21

    Any appointments? Questions?: Had a check-up yesterday. LO is measuring on the small side but everything else seems good. But, baby is laying transverse (sideways), as she has been for all the ultrasounds. I started doing daily inversions, 3x for 30 seconds. Hopefully she flips! 

    Rants/Raves?: I had my family baby shower this past weekend and definitely felt showered. The nursery is almost finished, which is fun to look in on. 

    How are you feeling?: For the most part, pretty good. Things come and go... pressure in my pelvic area, achy hips and back. 

    GTKY: Has this pregnancy gone as you expected? Why or why not? FTM's what do you feel women don't talk about? STM+'s how has this been different from your previous pregnancies?

    Hah, no, but as a FTM I didn't know what to expect. The shingles in the 2nd trimester were absolute hell, and then the placenta previa stressed me out. I am surprised/frustrated that I don't receive more info from the doctors in my practice about the stages unless I ask. I don't feel like women talk about postpartum physical impact, specifically recovery and bleeding. Luckily this board has been so helpful, but until I started reading, I had no idea about postpartum bleeding. 

  • *totally lurking* @zionsmama85 ask your ob about policy on how many are allowed in the OR for your scheduled cs. I was surprised to learn that at my hospital, there is two allowed for, but if it's an emergency it's one or none. I know at some hospitals only 1 person is allowed in the OR.

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  • @karatepickles that varys a lot from person to person too. I remember having a very difficult time in recovery because I bled for a much longer time than anticipated, but I also had a lot of tearing. I was very overwhelmed because while I felt prepared for the sleep deprivation, the physical toll, the emotional/hormonal toll, that having a baby entails when all of it hit at once I was staggered. Having a newborn was the hardest thing I had ever done at that point. I'm a little intimidated by it again, especially with a toddler and without the same level of family support, but I have a lot of friends in the area that have offered to help and I think keeping DD1 in daycare for at least a couple weeks during my leave will help.

    All that to say, it's a lot to handle but you can totally do it and it's all worth it. Just remember to take care of yourself too. It's easy to get lost in the chaos and forget to take care of yourself.
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  • zionsmama85zionsmama85
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    @karatepickles i had no idea about the bleeding either until i was pregnant my first go round. there are a lot of things that don't get talked about and its kind of like "SURPRISE!" once you get pregnant. 

    @Kenneylynn3 i will definitely be asking today, since we have a scheduled one, hopefully they will consider it. that makes me feel a little more hopeful though, thanks!
  • Due date: March 17

    Any appointments? Questions?: Had an unexpected appointment yesterday due to falling down the stairs, and I have a regular 32 weeks check up on Thursday. I was supposed to have a growth scan this week but I waited too long to make the appointment, so that's not going to happen until 34 weeks. Oops. They did a quick ultrasound yesterday just to check the placenta and fluid, and both look good so I'm not too concerned about the delay.

    Rants/Raves?: Rant, as usual, is work. It's been so busy and I'm having a hard time keeping my motivation up. I can see the end in sight for one of my big projects - just two more weeks to go. Another rant, I'm pretty sure we're going to be completely screwed on our taxes this year. My rough estimates have us owing close to $5k...not what we need to pay right as I'll be going on maternity leave! Raves...not feeling too rave-y today to be honest. 

    How are you feeling?: I'm tired, bruised, and a little shaken up after yesterday's adventures. Otherwise not too bad, I'm not super uncomfortable yet and heartburn has stayed away (at least for now).

    GTKY: Has this pregnancy gone as you expected? Why or why not? FTM's what do you feel women don't talk about? STM+'s how has this been different from your previous pregnancies? This pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster. My first was carefully planned - had cleaned up the diet, was getting regular exercise, tracking cycles, you name it. Got pregnant right away, pregnancy was very smooth, didn't get sick at all, and had no real issues until late third trimester discomfort hit. This time? Unplanned (but not unwelcome) pregnancy, right as work was blowing up and hasn't let up ever since. I've had morning sickness, raging insomnia, a lot of anxiety, and am trying not to stress about all the medications I've had to take for various illnesses this time around. She's also very feisty - DS moved a lot but he liked to stretch and roll around. This one punches and kicks so much my belly actually jumps! I'm very curious to see how their personalities differ once she's on the outside!

    One thing that caught me by surprise after DS was how difficult it was to go back to work, and the constant feeling of not doing anything particularly well - work, keeping up with the house, maintaining a healthy marriage, etc. I had been told so the fact that it was hard wasn't a surprise, but how hard it hit me was. I definitely suffered from some postpartum depression and anxiety because of that in that first year, and it' still kind of a struggle. My other BMB was a huge source of support during the most difficult times, so I'm really thankful for them (and the fact that we're still in touch). 

  • @gowenc I hear you on work motivation! I almost wrote about that too! I am really struggling with motivation, and I'm planning on working until my due date. I hope your next two weeks fly by! 
  • So I asked my doc about the policy for people in the delivery room for c section today, And he told me to tell my mom he only allows the people who were involved in the making of the baby 😂😂😂 so 1 person it is. 
  • @zionsmama85 you should ask for a doctors note that says that to give to her.
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  • Bahahahah @meggyme I want him to be alive to deliver the baby LOL! She would take us both out 😂 I might though because the look on her face may be worth it. 
  • Due date: 3/16

    Any appointments? Questions?: Thurs! Planning on asking my doc about baby positioning, whether I should expect a growth scan, and if I have diastasis recti (tried testing myself and failed to do it right). 

    Rants/Raves?: Rave - My MIL and BIL threw us an incredible baby shower last weekend. It was super fun celebrating with so many loved ones! Rant - Wish my parents and siblings could join the festivities (they are in Seattle), but priority #1 is for my mom to finish, and recover from, her treatment (she's about halfway done) so she can hopefully be well enough to travel here for LO's arrival.  

    How are you feeling?: Exhausted.  The mid-afternoon crash is real and I'm wishing I could nap daily!  

    GTKY: I've been pleasantly surprised with how this pregnancy has gone symptom-wise.  My bump is very obviously a baby now so starting to have strangers ask me personal questions about my pregnancy.  Not sure if I'll ever get used to so many unsolicited opinions and people with no filters.

  • Loved reading everyone's takes on how their pregnancy is going overall :)

    Due date: 3/19 re-dated to 3/28

    Any appointments? Questions?: Had my 30 week appointment and I think we've decided where to deliver. They're not the most VBAC supportive, but they're open to it, and I have a backup plan if the tone changes. My doula has reassured me that she's attended a lot of successful VBACs with this group, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable (and grateful to have her!)

    Rants/Raves?: Not much!

    How are you feeling?: Posted in the symptoms thread, I've had a couple of episodes of regular, timeable contractions at night when I'm in bed. So far no cervical changes so it's just false labor. It makes the next few weeks feel really long, but also reminds me he'll be here before I know it!

    GTKY: Has this pregnancy gone as you expected? Why or why not? FTM's what do you feel women don't talk about? STM+'s how has this been different from your previous pregnancies?

    This pregnancy has been almost identical to my first in terms of symptoms and baby's "personality" (what I can discern from his movements). However, I feel bad that he has been exposed to more arguments and stress, as my husband and I have had lots of conflict about delivery plans. I think my first pregnancy I was very confident about my body's ability to birth a baby and overall felt very positive and healthy. That pregnancy ended in a c- section because DS1 got stuck, and now I've been told I might not be able to deliver vaginally and it's risky to try. I'm not feeling as confident knowing all the things that can go wrong this time around. But I also feel more motivated by love for my baby than I did last time, now that I know what motherhood is really like and how wonderful kids are, if that makes sense. 

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