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Classic baby girl name

We like classic traditional baby girl names. What are your thoughts on Charlotte vs Caroline? Any other suggestions with the same feel?

Classic baby girl name 57 votes

38% 22 votes
61% 35 votes

Re: Classic baby girl name

  • I have never been a huge fan of Caroline, not really sure why TBH.

    Charlotte is just so beautiful and classic. I feel like it also is more versatile when it comes to MN.
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  • Voted for Caroline because it doesn't seem as commonly used these days as Charlotte, which I have heard for little girls A LOT lately. I think both are lovely names, though.
  • I like the name Charlotte (even named my cat Charlotte) but I'm kind of over it because it's everywhere.  I really like Caroline and feel like it's a fresher take on timeless beautiful girl names.
  • I agree with PP.  Charlotte is really popular right now.  I do love the nn Lottie though.  I voted Caroline just because of popularity but both are beautiful.
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  • Caroline by far!  
  • Caroline is surprisingly popular too. I think Charlotte sounds a lot prettier. I don’t dislike Caroline but wouldn’t choose it.
  • I love both, but think Caroline is less common
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