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Accident Prone??

I don't know what the deal is, but within the last week I have fallen twice and been hit by a volleyball directly in the stomach. With the volleyball, I was literally just sitting there with the other parents.  Funny (not funny) thing is I was hit three more times in the head within the next 10 minutes and no one else was even touched.  It seems like no matter what I do, accidents follow me.  This is insane!  When I explained it all to my midwife yesterday, she looked at me like I was nuts.  I would ask if anyone else has this issue, but I doubt it.  I remember being pregnant with my others and just randomly falling for no reason.  At least these last two falls had a cause, but still, that seems stupid for it to happen twice literally a day apart! 

Re: Accident Prone??

  • I am a dedicated accident prone klutz. It's genetic in my family. I can trip over air, fall over my own feet, choke just breathing. 

    I will say I feel slightly less accident prone right now, but who knows how long that will last. 
  • When I was 6 months pregnant with DD I fell over my own feet at work DIRECTLY onto my stomach (I may have been wearing boots with inappropriate heel hight for pregnancy but that is neither here nor there). I broke my ankle and fractured my shoulder and got taken away on a stretcher because I started having contractions. I made up a story that I slipped on some water to make myself feel less dumb but when I went back to work someone had said that I fell down the stairs which is the story that stuck so at least I didn't have to explain over and over that I just can't walk.
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  • Careful ladies!!! @xtinecatherine @indulgentgypsy @Panaceia !!!!!

    Not tripping but I sure am dropping/breaking every darn thing I pick up. 
  • My Ava app said that the relaxin hormone is starting now that we’ve entered second trimester. 
    It loosens your muscles and ligaments tonhelp your body make room for baby and prepare for birth, but also, makes you clumsy as it can affect your balance. 
  • When I was 6 months pregnant with DD, Obama came to speak at my graduate school graduation.  Secret service locked the stadium and said no one was leaving unless it was a true emergency.  I tripped and fell on the hard concrete.  I wasn't allowed to get medical attention until after the entire ceremony was over.  
  • @ketomommy What??? I would have been uncontrollably ragey!!!!
  • My balance has been off for a while now and the sciatic nerve pain is making it worse. Shifting my weight to the other foot? Wobble. Stood up and bent over too far? Wobble. Low lunges in pilates? Ate it :tired_face: 
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  • @ketomommy How is a six-month pregnant woman falling on concrete not a true emergency?! Geez :unamused:
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  • @ketomommy, I've got a very short fuse while pregnant. The secret service asshole who prevented me from getting medical care would have sent me waaaaay over the edge!!!
  • I fell off the treadmill today. Yep.  I couldn't believe it. I stepped on the part of the treadmill in front of the belt as I apparently was running faster than it was going.  Not a good thing.  My back, knee, shoulder, chin and ego were bruised.  
  • @xtinecatherine I'm so sorry you got hurt! I hope everything is ok! That kind of injury can feel embarrassing too. Speaking of. . . This weekend was a food festival at my kids elementary school. I was holding their water cups standing in line for food and spontaneously dropped both cups on my kids heads and spilled all over myself. It was humiliating and I wanted to run away.
  • I tripped over ...nothing at a home show. The nice lady in a booth tried to say there was a cord but there wasn't haha. I didn't fall but close. I fall easily on ice so ive been extra cautious this winter. Dh was like 'this is the worst time you could be pregnant because you fall so much' but I fell in July, in the heat, requiring PT and urgent care so there's little hope
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  • @firecracker_mama I've been extra careful too! I keep telling myself that I'd rather be 3 months pregnant trying to maneuver ice and snow than 8 months pregnant!
  • Yes @cindler! My son was born at the beginning of April and I hated being big in the winter. We got into a car accident after spinning out on ice that february and ended up in a ditch. Nothing like being 7 months pregnant in the snow, in a ditch, with a car that no longer runs, and a 4 hour estimated wait time from AAA. I am very happy to be getting it over with early this time.
  • Ugh you guys!  I hate the ice.  We have had this influx of terrible weather and I am just so worried that I am going to go down, since clearly it has become a trend.  
  • @xtinecatherine baby steps, like in What About Bob? Baby steps to the car... baby steps to the door...
  • @cindler. Ha ha!  That is totally me!  At this rate, I'll be crawling soon. 
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