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Vote on a girl's name (and provide feedback on any and all)

Hubs and I have gone back to the drawing board for our TEAM GREEN baby due in July. We have *very* different styles (as you can probably tell), but these are names that we have both mostly agreed on. 

MN for Chandler, Winnie, or Brooke will likely be Elizabeth after my two closest friends. MN for Betsy or Samantha would likely be Louise. 

Open to feedback! Thanks, y'all. :)

Vote on a girl's name (and provide feedback on any and all) 60 votes

Chandler (this is a nod to DH's dad, Charles)
8% 5 votes
3% 2 votes
6% 4 votes
58% 35 votes
23% 14 votes

Re: Vote on a girl's name (and provide feedback on any and all)

  • I vote Brooke Elizabeth

    I actually love the name Chandler but only on a boy 

    Winnie and Betsy I like as nicknames only so if it was Winifred and Elizabeth I probably would have voted one of those

    Samantha is fine just doesn’t excite me 

  • Agreed with the above but I prefer Samantha over Brooke.

  • Brooke, Samantha or Betsy

    Hard no on Chandler (use it as a MN if you want to honor DH's dad). Charlotte would be a better nod to Charles.

    Winnie does not grow up well IMO. It's a cute NN but not a FN.
  • Not a huge fan of any of these.  I would do Elizabeth nn Betsy.
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  • Brooke by far!!!!

    If you want to honor DH's dad: Charlene or Charoltte woild be way better, or use Chandler for the middle name - its VERY boy nothing feminine about it. 
  • I voted Samantha. I love Winifred nn Winnie and Elizabeth nn Betsy and would have voted for either of those, if they’d been options.

    Love Chandler for a boy, not a girl. I agree with @bellebaby221 that Charlotte would be a better/more obvious nod to Charles. 
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  • Thank you for the input so far!

    Sadly, Winifred is a hard NO from DH. *sigh* He acted like it wasn't even a THING. I understand about Winnie sounding nickname-y, but I guess my perception is skewed somewhat because the two I have known were a middle aged woman and a little old lady.  :D
  • Winona could also be an option for nn Winnie
  • mb0112 said:
    Winona could also be an option for nn Winnie
    I can see this also maybe just Wynne with the nn Winnie. 

  • Also I think Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years was Gwendolyn nn Winnie
  • Brooke Elizabeth or Samantha Louise 
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  • I love Samantha. I think it's a timeless throwback name you don't hear a lot these days.
  • Definitely NOT Chandler. I wouldn't even use it as a MN.

    I agree with many others that Charlotte is a much better nod and Charlie could be a family NN.

    I chose Samantha because I think it's a wonderful classic name.
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  • Samantha by far

    Always hated brooke and the others are nns

  • I love the name Samantha. That’s what I voted for. Brooke then Winnie are runners up. 
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