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Petite Women Problems with Natural?

Hi there, I hope I'm putting this in the right spot.  I'd love to hear some stories of natural births from women who are naturally petite. I'm 5'0 (on a good day) and have a small frame, weigh about 110 pounds. I'm curious if I will be ABLE to push out a baby since I am so tiny. Any women have complications or did everything go as planned? I know your hips widen and such, I would just like to hear some stories :)



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Re: Petite Women Problems with Natural?

  • Hey. I was worried about this too when I had DD. My mother and sister both had to have c-sections and they claimed it was because of their petite frame. I am built the same as them... 5'2", 115lbs. I was completely expecting to end up having a c-section, but I had absolutely no complications. I was not induced, and I got an epidural. 
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  • Thank you ladies for responding! I'm just pretty nervous about it.

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  • You can do it. That petit women have more issues is simply not true in the slightest. Look at the East Asian demographic. They are pros! All the best.
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    I don't think u should have a problem. I had 2 cs, but would prob have been fine otherwise and much smaller framed too..5'9" & 110#.
    My SIL has had 2 babies vaginally. ..4'11" & 95#.


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  • I am 5'2" and gave birth vaginally to my son who weighed 9lbs 2oz and just two weeks ago I went completely med-free with my 8lb 12 oz daughter. I never would've thought I could birth such big babies but it really wasn't an issue at all!

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  • this literally made me laugh out loud!


    Thank you everyone for your comments! They made me feel better about the natural birth for me.

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  • I'm 5'1" and was 100lbs. pre-pregnancy. Everyone thought I would end up getting a c-section because my baby bump looked huge on my frame lol. I had a quick and normal delivery on my due date (not induced). I got an epidural during transition. Baby was 8lbs 2oz.
  • Hi! I'm 5'1" and very small framed. I just had my first baby 10/27/2014 all natural. Not even oral medication and they didn't even have time to numb me for episiotomy! He was a huge baby! 8 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long! He was wide and they didn't have time to turn the shoulders for him to come out!! I'm perfectly fine and I'm glad I didn't get the epidural I'd prayed for!
  • I'm 5 ft 2 and had no problem naturally delivering my 7+ lb son (born at 39 weeks). Five minute active labor, just a couple of pushes, no real pain or problems. This next baby, though, seems like she's going to be larger haha I'm hoping for the same luck I had the first time.
  • Whoah ur grandma had to be a very strong lady. And I'm thinking there was a whole lot of natural birth a back then. I'm 5'7 medium frame and my babies always turn out small. Around five and a half pounds. Went all natural and it hurt llike hell but once I seen my healthy baby all that pain went away. My mom is tiny and she had five. But any ways we are women and this is what we are born to do. You can do it!
  • I'm also petite at 4"11 with a small frame. I currently weighed myself at 98.8 pounds at 5w4d so equally worry about being able to give a natural birth.

    My sister is about the same height as me although abit more of a bigger build and gave birth twice to her DD and DS both completely naturally.
    Although this does make me feel like I have to also do the same, each woman is different and although you may have a birth plan in mind, the body knows best so will just be in tune and listen to what will be best for me on the day!

    Hoping for a natural birth though to capture all the experience even though I'm scared as hell of how it's going to hurt! :-SS :((
  • Generally, our bodies grow babies that can be birthed vaginally.  I am on the small size and had 2 children over 8lbs.  My mother is even smaller and had 8+lbs and 9+lbs.  Women are designed to do this!

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  • vflor87vflor87 member
    I'm about your size. My frame didn't give me any problems delivering an almost 9 lb baby naturally. Good luck!
  • My sister is very tiny framed, 5'3 and 95 pounds wet, she delivered vaginally within 6 hours of her water breaking, no issues other than the cord being wrapped around the baby's neck for a moment which they quickly undid after the head was out. That had nothing to do with her size though. Also I am 5'2 and weigh about 100 pre-pregnancy and my doc didn't have any concerns about my wish to do an all natural water birth. 
  • darcyydarcyy member
    Lol yeah i am asian. 5 ft tall. But no problems pushing my 2 older kids. Both of them came out just after 4-6 pushes. Both around 7.5 pounds. Breathing exercises has helped i guess. Best of luck! :)
  • In general, your body won't grow a baby to a size it can't birth vaginally. The exception to this is GD where babies sometimes grow huge.
  • I feel better after reading this. I also had some concerns because I am also 5 foot 95 pounds prepregnancy, I'm hoping for a natural birth. At my first appointment my doctor mentioned a cesarean because of my size but hasn't since, I'm now 25 weeks.
  • Yes you can. It really has to do with down there lol. I had Drs tell me I'm good at having babies. Before my first I was only 95lbs. Then I was 98lbs before my second and 102 lbs before my third. I'm only 5'1 and I have a petite frame. I had all 3 of my kids natural/vaginal. Also adding all 3 of my kids were over 8lbs lol. I'm now pregnant with my fourth but happy I weigh more. I'm around 109/110. So curious how big this baby will be.
  • I'm 5'2" and naturally birthed my 7lb 12oz first daughter, and then her 9lb 6oz sister, both pain med-free and without tearing. You can do it! Our bodies were bade to birth our babies.
  • I am 4'9 and weighed 110 pounds when I had my first baby at 17 years old. I had him vaginally and had zero issues pushing him out. No tears or anything and he was an 8 pound baby. Fast forward and I've had two more children, my second son 7 pounds 12 ounces and my daughter being 8 pounds 5 ounces with a 14 centimeter head - no tears with each birth. I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones but its definitely possible to be petite and birth with no issues. Hoping that this birth goes just as smoothly 😊
  • LOL! Our vaginas are designed to accommodate a full term baby, and our bodies are great at growing babies relative to our pelvic dimensions. It will hurt like hell, no matter what, so settle that now. But you’ll be fine! Doctors sometimes scare women by saying their babies are too large, but this is so rare, and given the freedom to move about while in labor, our instincts guide us in what positions work best to get our babies out. You’ll be fine! No worries, Mama.
  • You can do it don't think about it too much.
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    Love help and share. In love with parenting love eating healty and kids shopping. Stylish Baby Clothes for my baby. 
  • I think everyone is different. I'm 5' 7", about 120lbs and I've had issues with both my girls. First was a vacuum birth after 5.5 hours of pushing, second was an emergency c-section due to position. And they weren't that big! 7 lbs even and 7lbs 9oz. I'm afraid I'm going to have to have another c-section, though they say I can at least try for a vbac!
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