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  • @navete I got the blue spectra (s1) through aeroflow and it was super quick & easy! I did have to pay the $135 to ‘upgrade’ so I used my FSA to cover the difference. And yes-I was able to order just the pump (no bag).
    I called aeroflow with a few insurance questions and they were fantastic. I absolutely recommend working with them if your insurance is compatible! 
  • @ashley14598 I’m going with the freemie independence this time. I haven’t been able to find a lot of reviews because it’s relatively new, but it’s hospital grade and has the same amount of power as the Spectra according to the specs. I do still have the pink spectra from last time though so I’m counting on that as a back up. 
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  • @navete I got my pump through aeroflow. I got the medela in style advanced starter kit, and that didn't include a bag. I'm pretty sure the spectra was an option too, not sure which one though. It was super easy and pretty quick. And I didn't pay anything  :)
  • Any DD or larger gals with nursing bra recommendations? Preferably wireless. 

    Last pregnancy I had some mediocre bras from Target and Motherhood, but never ones I would buy again. This time I'm trying things early. Bought a Kindred Bravely sleep bra - not loving it, too much fabric and probably a size too large, even though I followed the size chart. Also this which you can see that rouching between the boobs right through a shirt.
  • @kbear28 I am only a DD when pregnant or pumping, but I just bought some from Bravado and have been wearing them ahead of time and they are sooo comfy. They have a really cool hands-free pumping attachment that work with them, as well as one of their nursing tanks that I will be ordering soon!
  • Thanks @Lbloom and @BuckeyeNut05. Looks like I will fill my insomnia time searching Bravado on Amazon.  ;)-
  • @kbear I'm a DD and bigger when nursing. I like kindred bravely! They're on the pricier side but I hate most bras I've tried and I actually like these. The support is really good for a bra with no underwire

  • I finally got around to contacting my health insurance and it seems like they will completely cover certain breast pumps but only AFTER the baby is born, which I can kind of understand but seems lame to me. So on top of everything else I need to remember to do after the baby is born, I guess I have to add getting a breast pump to my list.
  • @mayoduck If you contact a company like Aeroflow they might be able to set that up to be automatic. They contacted my doc directly for the Rx. You might also ask if you can buy one and submit a claim for reimbursement after delivery. That way if you need it in the hospital you will have it.
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  • @mayoduck - mine is the same. And they partner with a supplier so you can only get what they carry. Last time around I called them while still in hospital, and by the time we got home the pump was waiting. I also had to get a hospital grade one as a rental at 4 months (low supply issues) and they delivered it to my door the same evening that the LC put in the prescription. So it's actually odd to read about people getting theirs before the baby is born :smile:
  • @mayoduck Mine was the same way last time.  It was a simple process though.  They gave me a list of suppliers prior to delivery and then I contacted one and they did all the work.  We came home with a rented hospital-grade pump and then my personal one came a few days later.
  • @meggyme I contacted Aeroflow but unfortunately they are not a preferred provider by my insurance. =\ Guess I will have to reach back out to insurance for a list of preferred providers. They were not very forthcoming in their response (their offices are closed today but seems like they still have people answering written messages). I get the feeling they bank on people not remembering or wanting to go through the hassle postpartum to get the pump.
  • @mayoduck mine is the same, you can only get it after baby and I actually didn’t have a choice on the pump either. But it was completely covered, so 🤷‍♀️
  • @mayoduck try the yummy mummy website. That's how i just ordered mine through insurance. You just fill out all your insurance info and it automatically checks with your insurance (doesn't charge you if it's not covered), gives you a selection of pumps, etc. Probably like aeroflow. After I ordered my spectra s2 it said some insurances hold off and then automatically ship the pump about 60 days before your due date! 

    Anyone have or getting a haaka? I've heard good things!

  • I was planning to get a haakaa, @flyingmombula!  I’ve heard good stuff too. I plan to primarily bf so hoping it’ll help me collect a bit for a stash without a lot of extra pumping effort. 
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  • @flyingmombula my cousin got me one since it was on my registry! If I like it I might get another since I have heard great things and it can also be a hands free on the go option if needed! 
  • I like the idea of just sticking it on one boob while feeding with the other. Better than wasting milk since I leaked a bit in the beginning last time!

  • @flyingmombula I'm going to get one! I was on the fence about it, but one mom from DS1's bump group just had her second baby a week ago and posted about using the hakaa when her milk came in and getting 2oz right away while nursing on the other breast! So that convinced me, and hopefully it will help me increase my supply (I had issues with my first unfortunately).
  • @mihaelams1 I know someone who had issues with supply with her first babies (twins) and now with her second has a huge oversupply and donates gallons and gallons (no kidding). I’ll make sure to ask her for tips when it gets down to the wire, I’m sure there’ll be a thread when babies start arriving! I didn’t have supply issues last time but I will need help when it comes to using bottles since DS flat out refused to take one, ever. :D

  • @flyingmombula The Haaka is on the top of my very short list to buy for this second baby. I always had a lot of leaking/spraying from the opposite side when we fed, and I could never figure out how to capture it. I was always sticking a spit-up rag on the other boob so I wouldn’t wind up soaking wet. So excited for a good solution. 
  • @maggiemadeit @flyingmombula same here with the haaka! It’s definitely on my list this time! I second having to put a burp cloth in my bra last time to keep from soaking everything in the beginning the nursing pads weren’t enough. I’m looking forward to collecting all that milk! 
  • Ditto @maggiemadeit. The spray was insane. I tried using a manual/hand pump to catch some but it was so awkward trying to hold baby and operate that thing. Very much looking forward to the haaka!
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  • Yes for the haaka! So excited about having options this time. Has anyone used the milkies milk saver? I was looking at both to avoid a towel on the opposite side. Anyone know which one is better? I'm thinking the size of the milk saver would be nice.
  • Speaking of the haakaa I came across this the other day. I haven’t tried it but have heard great things and am definitely getting one

  • Hey all, anyone have experience with or opinions on Evenflo or Lansinoh pumps? I have a few free options through Aeroflow including the Evenflo Advanced or Lansinoh Smartpump and I haven't heard much about either. Thinking about the Spectra 2 also, but Aeroflow seems to only want to give it to me if I buy a tote bag which I don't need... I might check with them to see if I can get just the pump instead.

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  • @diaphena idk about the evenflo or lansinoh, but there should be an option for just the pump and supplies.
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    @diaphena I bought an evenflo when I was a few hours away because I forgot part of my Spectra and I needed to pump. I don’t know which one your insurance is offering, but I remember the one I used was not gentle at all and it actually hurt. It got the job done,  but I never used it again.
  • @meggyme Thanks! For some reason that doesn't show up on my list of covered options but I'm guessing if I ask them for it, it'll be covered. Wouldn't make any sense for my insurance to only cover it if I buy a tote bag, lol.

    @chocolatelemons Good to know, thank you!! It looks like the other two I'm considering have better reviews anyway so I may steer clear of the Evenflo.

    Me: 30 & DH: 30
    Married in 2013
    TTC #1 since Nov 2017
    BFP in Jan 2018 - MC in March 2018
    BFP in July 2018 - expecting our rainbow. Baby boy is due March 26th, 2019!

  • After re-reading this board I am really grateful for all of the feedback from you ladies who have pumped before. I decided to go with the blue spectra ( s1) with aeroflow (super fast to check my benefits but something glitched when I went to check out, so I emailed them). $95 will be remaining after insurance so I will use my HSA. Thank you all for the tips!  
  • I used the lansinoh last time, it was okay.  Comfortable and several settings (I was only sore if I used the wrong setting for me).  Not sure how it compares to other pumps when it comes to efficiency, but for me it worked well enough.
  • @stmgsam3 Thanks! It looks like the Lansinoh may be the best free option through my insurance plan, so I'm thinking I'll give it a shot.

    Me: 30 & DH: 30
    Married in 2013
    TTC #1 since Nov 2017
    BFP in Jan 2018 - MC in March 2018
    BFP in July 2018 - expecting our rainbow. Baby boy is due March 26th, 2019!

  • Posted this in my weekly check-in group, but wanted to share with the rest of those hoping to BF. 

    During my first pregnancy, I took an online course through Medela. There is a promo code to do it for free if you want!

    Promo code: BRUEgX74fR
  • Bumping: talk to me about breastfeeding pillows. I had the "my breast friend" one with DS1, but could never figure out how to incorporate it into my nursing setup. So I sold it right after my maternity leave was over. Now I'm wondering if I should get a new one, or a Boppy, or stick with none at all. The cross-cradle hold was the most comfortable one for me and it helped me get a good initial latch - could it be that the breastfeeding pillows work better for some positions and not for others?
  • @mihaelams1 I had a boppy and it took a few weeks for DD1 to be big enough for it to be helpful without another pillow under it. But once it fit it was useful.
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  • @mihaelams1 I love my boppy! I used it a ton during the first year. Is the cross-cradle the same as the football hold? I agree with @meggyme that it’s much easier to use once babe gets a little bigger but I plan on bringing mine to the hospital this time. They didn’t have one last time and it was a pain to try to get comfy with the hospital pillows.

  • I had both that I received as gifts. I kept one upstairs and one downstairs. I wish I kept better track of my thoughts, pros/cons, but honestly I used the crap out of both from day 1 and can't imagine nursing without them this time around. I think I had boppy upstairs because fiddling with the back side and strap of the MBF at 3am does not sound fun. Boppy was nice because I used it to prop up baby once he was done feeding but needed to be more upright while I situated myself in the dark.
  • Thanks ladies! It seems that boppy is more popular. I'll look into getting a used one since I don't feel like spending that much and end up not using it as well
    @flyingmombula no, you're still holding the baby in front of the body, just use your opposite hand to hold the back of the head. I also used the football hold from time to time to get rid of clogged ducts. It works amazingly for that purpose. 
  • I have a Boppy and a My Breast Friend. The MBF is great for the first few weeks/months because it is a sturdier foam that doesn't scrunch down in the middle. It keeps it's shape/form and tiny babies can't sink down. The Boppy is my go to after they have gotten bigger, older and better at nursing. After trying both with DS in the NICU, I prefer the MBF because his tiny self doesn't feel like he's "falling down in the cracks". In my experience, nursing friendly pediatrician offices and hospitals keep the MBF on hand because of this.
    @flyingmombula we are using the cross cradle in the nicu so we can see his suck/swallow. If you are nursing on the right side you use the right hand to hold your breast and the left hand to hold baby's head and guide them/pull them to you. Very hepful for newborns who are still learning. Football hold is where their belly goes along your side, you hold them tucked along that arm. 
  • I also swear by a nursing footstool. It lifts your knees up just enough to make a nice basket, better lap for situating baby. I am tall with a long torso and legs, this splurge saved my back with my last nursling and and I'll definitely be using it again.
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