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Product Spotlight **Baby Monitors**

So many baby monitor choices!! What did you love, what did you hate? Video, no video!? Please share here!!
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Re: Product Spotlight **Baby Monitors**

  • I had a Levana Astra with the Oma baby alarm that senses if the baby stops breathing. I know Lavana is on a rebranding hiatus, so I'll just list what I liked and disliked about my setup: 

    + I liked having a closed-circuit video monitor that did not rely on wifi or an iphone. It seemed more secure, esp with those horror stories about baby monitors being hacked. 
    + I liked that the video had night vision and was sound activated. 
    + I liked the intercom because when DS was older, you could talk through it to tell him to go to sleep, and he would. 
    + I liked that it had sensitivity settings, where you could choose how loud of noise would activated the monitor.
    +/- It lasted 3.5 years before the rechargeable battery gave out. 
    +/- It had good range in the house, but if you went outside it did not work beyond the porch. 

    - I wish there was a way to plug in headphone jacks because the monitor would wake up both DH and me, regardless of whose night it was. 
    - I liked the peace of mind of the Oma, but in reality, newborns have irregular breathing patterns and sometimes the alarm would sound off for no reason, and it was loud, and hard to turn off because it had to be unclipped and would wake up the baby. 
    - The pre-recorded nursery music was loud and not soothing. 
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  • I had just an audio monitor, I thought video monitors were crazy and a waste of money. Then I stayed with my sister who had one and it was so great and helpful - I’ll definitely get a video one this time.
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  • @snootles They are so good! Aside from it just being nice to watch them sleep I think a good infant example of helpfulness is being able to see when an arm worked its way out of a sleeve into the neck hole. But definitely for toddler years when often they will secretly rock and role with stuffies instead of going to sleep  :D
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  • We have this crazy wall in the middle of our house that has the fridge, microwave, etc.... for some reason, the construction of it a total cluster with any signal from one end to the other. Wifi doesn't work as well in our bedroom and either do baby monitors. I had to try out a bunch of them to finally get the longest range needed to get signal in our bedroom. 

    We've been using Samsung BrightView... I love it because it goes into "vox" mode and is able to turn off when white noise is on in their rooms. Some monitors won't turn off when you use white noise and you have to listen to it all night if you use it. 
  • We have had two Motorola video monitors and both were a piece of shit. Neither lasted more than 6 months. I need a new brand recommendation. We also had the angelcare monitor. It's the movement pad that goes under the mattress. I know that from a medical standpoint, doctors say it will do nothing to stop SIDS. But, it keeps me from getting up 10 times a night to check and see if the baby is still breathing. That is enough to make it worth the cost.  
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  • rgn12rgn12
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    I’m a FTM and know nothing, but I keep seeing ads for the owlet sock monitor. Apparently they’re also coming out with a camera too on January 22nd. Has anyone tried it? My MIL recommended it to me. It’s kind of pricey, but they sell refurbished ones and offer a package for the sock/cam. Thoughts?? 
  • tsa208tsa208
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    We have a video and audio monitor. Our house isn't huge, so we didn't need the audio much, mostly just when sitting out on the porch. We get most use out of it when travelling or visiting someone and she pops down for a nap. We use the video all the time. Babies sometimes cry a minute while sleeping but don't actually wake up. It was nice to check and see if she was up or just sleep-crying before going into her room and waking her up. I also use it to see when she actually falls asleep - I put her down awake and she will lay in her crib and babble to herself for a while, so I like to know when she actually fell asleep (and if she's not asleep in 30 minutes, I like to go in and rock her to sleep so she doesn't stay up too late).

    For video, we got a home security camera and just put it up in her room above her crib, mounted to the wall. We bought the Logitech Circle 2 camera - $180 when not on sale but I've seen it around $120 if you look on different websites. There's a wired version that plugs in and a wireless version - we bought the wired. I love it-  zero complaints.

    - I can view it from my phone by downloading the LogiCircle app, so both me and my husband can look in from anywhere.
    - I can view it on my bedroom and living room televisions via our Shield device (would also work with AppleHome or Roku or anything where you can download apps).
    - night vision
    - automatically records anytime there is movement, keeps 24 hours of recordings for free, a month if you pay the subscription
    - crystal clear video
    - When using the phone app, you can speak through the camera

    The downside is that it is not as easy as the plug and play baby monitors. There's some set up but if you or your SO are average handy, you can do it. 

    Here's an examples of what it looks like on the phone app, looks the same on the TV:

    Image result for logi circle app

    For audio monitor, we have the VTech two unit monitor. I am ambivalent - I feel the battery dies too quickly when not plugged in, but maybe that's an issue with all monitors. Other than that, it's fine. Long range! I only use the two hand units to switch out when one dies. Other than that, I have never use both hand units at the same time.

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  • We have the Levana Astra monitor. It has worked well for 2.5 years now but doesn't hold battery all day anymore- maybe 8hrs. I think we are going to just keep it and add a second camera but I cant seem to find a second camera (Amazon says out of stock, unknown when will restock)... There are newer Levana models so I am wondering if the Astra is going to be discontinued?!
  • @canuckmomma The Astra was discontinued (I have it too) but Levana had the replacement cameras and monitors on their website until a week or two ago, you might try emailing them to see if they have them available. They DO have they replacement batteries on the site though and I'm going to order one instead of the replacement monitor, like I planned. 
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  • For our first, we had the Motorola video/audio monitor. Loved it! Especially because of my PPA with DD being in another room. I would watch her all night for weeks on end. And then the plug quit working and it wouldn’t hold a charge at all. We hooked up the camera to an app on our phone and that’s what we’ve been using since. DD is just down the hall, so I can hear her if she sneezes or makes any noise, but every once in a while, I use the ap to see her because I’m still paranoid. 

    This is go around, we got the Arlo baby camera. It is a WiFi thing, but DH is an IT nerd and totally has everything as private and I’m not worried about security at all. We have the Arlo security system for security outside, so it’ll be nice to have an all in one ap for the babies too. 
  • We started with a summer infant one I believe. It crapped out around a year I think? We then went to a Motorola which is still working well (although it’s only occasionally used now so I’d hesitate to give it the 3 yr approval). We’re like 6 ft away from DDs room, so really I use it now if she’s sick or something. 
    I think I’ll see how far we get with the Motorola before buying another for this one. 

  • Anyone using anything Alexa enabled or remote controlled for monitoring or controlling lights and whatnot?

    +1 to the owlet question. Any comments on that?
  • I know a little bit about the owlet. My husband actually built their registry app. So you can link owlet to your target, buybuybaby, or amazon registry. 
    I'm still on the fence about getting one, but now that they are coming out with the video monitor, too. I'm thinking that we probably will get it. I think my last hold out is I want to be able to ask Alexa to integrate with it. I really think that would be valuable for babysitters or if my parents are over. 
  • I don't think we'll be using a monitor at all this go around. I only used one a handful of times with my last two. We have a small house with pretty thin walls. Baby sleeps with me for the first 6 months or so and usually naps on or close by me. 

  • Reviving this thread because I'm looking at monitors to put on my registry. Would it make sense for me to get a video monitor to keep in the house and an audio monitor to take with me outside like a walkie-talkie? I have a vegetable garden that's going to be in full swing right after LO is born and I'd like to be able to step outside to water, harvest, etc. while they're napping.
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  • Off topic, but @hestia14, how do you plan to keep your garden going while LO is so young and needy? I told DH I probably wouldn't be able to do a garden this year, but I would still love some fresh veggies!!
  • @hestia14 You can get closed circuit video monitors that should work outside just the same as an audio monitor -- you just need to check the range. I like those over the kind you use with an iphone because I don't think there is a risk of your camera being hacked. 
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  • @cindler I'm still trying to figure that out  :* Usually my garden peaks in mid-July (zucchini) and again in mid-August (tomatoes), and I spend an average of 20 minutes with it every day harvesting, watering, staking, etc. My garden isn't very big (16' x 4') and we will probably figure out in the spring what we want to sow and how much. DH plans to take off two weeks to help me recover from my CS, so he could possibly take over garden duty at that time. I also have a very nice next-door neighbor who may be willing to help water!
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  • @hestia14 watering is my biggest issue. Our hill doesn't provide for much water retention so watering is constant! 
  • @cindler you can get  pack n play or something to set up outside while you work? I used to put the activity center that my daughter laid on inside the pack n play so my toddler wouldn't "accidentally" hurt her if I couldn't watch 100%. Babies love to look around outside and can become captivated with trees and the sky and stuff. The no-video monitors can be pretty cheap and tend to have a really good range if the garden isn't too far from the house. You could always baby wear and still possibly be able to do some stuff, but that could get a little difficult depending on the weight of the baby at the time. 
  • @Bear14+ we will be getting a pack n play for baby to potentially sleep in and we will also have some sort of outside set up as I basically live on our deck in the warm months. I also plan to baby wear so I can do that while changing water around, etc. I appreciate the ideas!
  • @cindler our Arlo system is Alexa enabled. DH got a video Alexa for Christmas and when we don’t have access to our phones we ask Alexa to “show me DD’s room” and it pops up on the screen. Really cool stuff. 
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