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2nd Trimester

Going on a trip to Mexico. Vaccines?

I'm going on a trip to Puerto lavarta in Mexico. I'll  be 14 weeks when I go so in my second trimester I'm going for two weeks. I was just curious if anyone knew about any medical or vaccine stuff I should get or know about 

Much appreciated thank you 

Re: Going on a trip to Mexico. Vaccines?

  • Definitely talk to your doctor of pharmacist.
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  • Your doctor will be most up to date on things like this and any other precautions you should take (for example if Zika is prevalent where you are going).
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  • Thank you I appreciate it 
  • I just got back from a several week trip to Vietnam. 
    Honestly, my doctor said it was up to me but she didn't thing vaccines would do me much good there. The major fear is zika.
    I'm sure Mexico is a little different with TB.

    My recommendation-
    Be extra cautious when eating and drinking. I brought a lifestraw water bottle with me. I only ate food from busy street stalls or places with good reviews. 
    Good bugspray! Idk what zika or malaria is like in Mexico, but look into the tropical kind. It works super well and is actually more natural. I think it's called naturapel?

    Other than that I think you will be fine 🤷‍♀️
  • Like the others said - talk to your doctor who will be able to tell you what you need for sure.  Heads up though - I was supposed to be in Puerto Vallarta Mexico at 20 weeks this past November and my doc gave me the big N-O go. She was able to write a note so I could be refunded my airfare (which was purchased before finding out I was pregnant).  But she pretty much said 'nope'.  I think Zika is still pretty risky in Mexico, at least according to the CDC website. 
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