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HELP - Feeling defeated nap training 3.5 month old

My son is sleeping through the night (feed at 7, down at 7:45pm and I wake him up at 7am). I put him down drowsy but awake for bed AND naps. Last week all of the sudden he went from 1.5 or 2 hour naps to 30 minutes and won't go back to sleep (even though I know he is tired). I've been doing the cry it out method for a full week and he is still waking up after 30 minutes screaming. Sometimes I can get him to calm down with a pacifier and head rub, but 90% of the time he will not stay asleep for more than a few minutes. I upped the time to let him cry it out today, but I just can't take it anymore! Do I stick with it and let him cry for 20 minutes at a time? How long should sleep training take? 

Also, I keep him up about 2 hours after he eats (which is 4 times a day) so he is nice and tired. 

Re: HELP - Feeling defeated nap training 3.5 month old

  • He might just be starting to consolidate naps because he needs fewer naps. Also having a room conducive to napping might help him keep from waking up. Blackout curtains and a sound machine will help drown out any potential disturbances to his sleep.
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