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Night Clusterfeed... what do I do today?

Hi there,
My 11 day old baby has overall done quite well at night. The first few nights he would clusterfeed until midnight or so but then have 2 good solid 3 or 4 hour sleep stretches after that. We have a good routine where he is swaddled to sleep at night, white noise, dim lights, etc etc. He has gradually started to clusterfeed earlier so that he settles earlier. He has a great latch and eats pretty fast.. was back up to birth weight within a week. 

Anyways, 2 days ago he had a 36 hour period where he was ravenous and was breastfeeding for basically 3 hours straight multiple times in the day/ evening and was fussy. Even with this he was sleeping okay at night, just waking every 3 hours to eat, but would eat fast and go back to sleep. I figured it was his first little growth spurt, and while I was exhausted I was relieved yesterday when he seemed back to his normal self. He was a little more sleepy yesterday but still got in solid feedings every 2-3 hours all day. I did the normal routine last night, fed him thoroughly, changed him, swaddled him... and he was up every 90 minutes eating all night long. I kept assuming we’d get caught up and he’d give me at least one decent sleep stretch but no luck. Its been from 9pm-7am. It’s the worst night he’s had by far. So my question is, what do I do with him today? I assume he’ll be exhausted (I am and my nipples are too). I know that sleep begets sleep, but I don’t want to start a pattern of reversed sleep cycles. Do I try to keep him awake more? Or let him sleep more this morning and try and keep him awake more this afternoon? Or just let him do his thing? 

Re: Night Clusterfeed... what do I do today?

  • If a baby sleeps, let them sleep.......over tiredness is not good for baby and makes things worse.  Babies sleep patterns change a bit (mine did) and the best thing to do is not to try and keep them awake, and let them sleep as needed   
  • Agree with the above. At 11 days let him give you the queues and go with his flow. Don't worry about routine just yet, especially after a crap night. My little guy was a term baby, breastfed with a good latch and it felt like no two days were alike or consistent for several weeks, but he figured it out, fixed his sleep/feeding cycles and finally we hit a routine. Hang in there! 
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