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New Year Resolutions?

Any NY resolutions?  I always make a few random ones.  Anyone got some good ones?

Re: New Year Resolutions?

  • I would like to focus on being more positive and not letting people who upset or drain me “rent space” in my head. I have a bad habit of playing out scenarios which ramps up my anxiety so I’m going focus on telling myself not to let them overtake my thoughts. Alos want to focus on being a good role model for Maeve by using positive body language, etc. 
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    I plan to drop to 3 pumps a day in January and wean from the pump (I'll have enough saved to give LO at least a bottle a day through his 1st birthday). Then im going to start working on me. Ive been afraid to work out and diet fearing I'd lose my supply.  I'm also ready to ditch the pump and the amount of time I spend on it. 

    Eta: I like your resolution @shoretobe I could use more positivity in my life. 
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  • I would just like to be more productive overall at home. But after teaching all day I have no energy to do anything. 
  • @shoretobe your first one is one of mine as well.  I will always offer kindness, but I really want to invest my time and energy in those that have a positive impact in my life.  This is going to be the hardest one for me.  Letting go isn’t always easy for me.  

    I also want to work on my patience.  I want to develop better tools this year when my kids try my patience.  I am going to organize a few things and get my kids more involved in their care and hopefully that might eliminate some stress.  

    Not really a resolution, but more of a goal...I am determined to figure out what the hell is going on with my skin.  I’ve been getting cystic acne since my son was born.  I’ve gone to the dermatologist and nothing worked.  The only time my skin is clear is second and third tri when I am pregnant.  Otherwise, after I ovulate I breakout terribly and it clears up when I start my period.  After doing some research over the last year I think I might have PCOS.  They are broadening the definition to include those that don’t necessarily have fertility issues (however it did take us a while to get pregnant with my oldest daughter.). I have many symptoms and the acne is one main one.  I have started doing a PCOS diet and my skin has cleared up.  I started with removing any alcohol and moved to eliminating most carbs and sugars.  I seem to be ok with fruit, but the moment I eat a baked good I breakout.  I am going to narrow everything down, wait for my cycle to start again, and then go to my OB to see if it’s legit.  I am so tired of breaking out and would like to just have clear skin for once since I was 20.  
  • @DDRRT1982 please keep us posted if you find any skills or tricks for patience I love any ideas 
    for the positivity I learned something interesting - I always play scenarios in my head and my therapist told me “your body thinks it’s happening. That’s what PTSD is - you can’t seperate that your not actually in the situation be it past or future” - so every time I feel my myself going down a negative road thoughtwise I tell myself “don’t let them rent space in your head”. It makes me laugh and breaks me from going down a negative thought road. It’s a work in progress (but I guess so is life). I’ll let you know if I come across any other skills that work. Good luck with the diet and doctor. 
    @mccurleya totally agree on being more productive and the being tired after work. I’d like to get back to being more organized. I could use a big declutter session. 
    @sgrn18 that’s awesome you’ll have enough to get to a year! Good luck with weaning. 

  • I'm also super impressed @sgrn18

    @DDRRT1982 letting go is so hard but feels so much better. Last year I let go of so many "friends" and finally told my grandma I was done trying to get my mom's attention. It is hard but so freeing. 
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    @shoretobe I play out scenarios in my head too! Sometimes I can make myself so mad with what could happen. Im going to try that "dont let them rent space" thing. 

    @mccurleya im still having issues with my mom.  I would really like to just stop trying.  Also I would love to be productive but I have no willpower lol.

    @DDRRT1982 yes! Patience is something I need to work on too. 

  • @sgrn18 there's no sense in putting in so much effort to something that isn't returned and is so toxic. I went to therapy and everything over it. I finally decided I was done. 
  • This just popped up on my Pinterest. Maybe it can help 😊 
  • @shoretobe I love the positivity resolution, especially the positive-image-modeling for Maeve!  This has been an active thought and pursuit for me since Nora's been born - how do I set a strong example for her as a woman?

    @mccurleya I am 900% with you on this.  I feel like as a teacher, I SHOULD be able to be more productive - I mean, I'm home by 4:30 when my husband isn't home until 6:30.  But the day is SO. DRAINING. and then I'm the one to pick Nora up and she is SO tired and needy at the end of the day aaaaaand nothing gets done.  It's a work in progress!

    I don't really do resolutions, but in January, I'm really trying to get our finances in check - N will be dropping three days of day care and my husband is getting a raise (woo!), so the time is right.  We make decent money, and I hate feel like it just vanishes every month!  I budget and try to be conservative now, but I'd really like to focus on making our money work more for us.
  • @ashtuesday and @mccurleya I used to teach and it is EXHAUSTING. When I’m done for the day I’m done so I’m trying to make the best use of any energy spurts. 
    I also agree on how do I make my money work for me - it’s not easy - especially as a stress shopper. Maybe that’s a good starting point. Baby steps (pun intended) 😂
  • shoretobe I also get myself all worked up over possible scenarios. I have started saying to myself "that isn't real," or "Focus on what's real." 

    I'm not really setting a resolution, but I want to focus on my confidence in 2019. I started a business doing free-lance editing, but then it took me forever to start any online marketing strategies. I don't know exactly what was holding my back, but I'm focusing on ignoring the anxiety/fear/whatever, and just getting the work done. 
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  • @fatstagnation love that! I’m going to add that to my self talk. Good luck with the business - I know you’ll be amazing!
    I’m trying to start each day during the morning bottle telling Maeve “you’re smart. You have a big heart. Your kind. We’re going to live our purpose today” very “the help” ‘you is kind....’ type thing. It’s helping me in a way and I’m hoping building her confidence. 

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