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Halo Bassinest & cosleeping

Anyone have experience cosleeping with a halo bassinest? I just realized they’re not recommended past 5 months and I plan to have our 4 month old in our room until at least a year. I’m not sure what to transition her to at 5 mos - or if I can more safely bedshare at that point.

also, I have the Glider version and I struggle so much with moving her in and out of it in the middle of the night without waking her. It’s so awkward to sit on the bed and lift her into the bassinet now that we dont swaddle her - has anyone found a good way to do this?! 

Re: Halo Bassinest & cosleeping

  • We also have the glider and I have to be standing in order to transfer my baby into it. But I don’t nurse in bed, so it’s not a huge problem for me. I’d be a little surprised if many 5 month old babies would even fit. Mine is 3.5 months and barely fits in his anymore. We’ll be transferring to a crib as soon as we get him sleep trained next month. 
    Do you have a pack and play?  That should work until at least a year. 
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