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The foods/drinks/activities I miss most right now are....


Re: The foods/drinks/activities I miss most right now are....

  • With the nausea I’ve been limited to mainly carbs lately too and I’m missing my regular diet with more variety! 
  • I drank hot chocolate one night, and it made me SO sick! I want some really bad, but I'm scared after that incident.

    I also miss all the holiday drinks. Bought my husband some Irish Cream Liquor for Christmas, because I like living vicariously through him. 

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I refused to eat deli meat but I wanted it sooooo bad the entire pregnancy. This time around, I am just doing it. With all the listeria outbreaks in lettuce and vegetables- and none in deli meat- I just feel like the rule doesn't make sense. 

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  • Only thing I miss right now is things that just taste ridiculous. My HCG levels have been at the higher end of normal this early pregnancy and I just miss things I like tasting good. Like lemon water. 😂

    I’ve ate the lunch meat. I ate the cookie dough too. Most things I cant have pregnant are things I don’t like anyway. 
  • I also miss spicy tuna rolls! Pretty sure we’re not supposed to eat raw tuna, right? 
  • I miss having energy to cook for myself. It's just exhausting standing over anything hot for too long. Being sick isn't helping.
    @foodislove I love cooking and haven't been able to bring myself to do it for weeks. 

    I also miss Coke. I love to have a Coke for a treat, especially a Mexican Coke in a glass bottle! My husband bought me a few, thinking there wouldn't be any way I could refuse that (like pretty much every other type of food he's bought in the past few weeks...), but they've just sat in our fridge. Too sweet! I've never turned down a coke before in my life! 
  • @acgx are we not supposed to  have coke? I never drank soda before pregnancy and I've probably had it twice now in the past 4 weeks. The carbonation for whatever reason settles my stomach and ginger ale can't even do that.

    I really miss having Poke bowls and raw salmon slices. I miss my energy and wearing skinny jeans. I also miss my daily starbucks run but I have no desire for any of it right now. I miss sex, too!

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  • @babyginjuly Oh no, I don't know any reason we can't have Coke! It just tastes awful to me right now, which is sad!

  • @acgx @babyginjuly I miss Coke too! I have been limiting myself with that because of the caffeine. It isn't forbidden, but just counts toward your daily limit of 200 mg. So if you are still enjoying a daily cup of coffee or having tea, chocolate or other caffeinated, then Coke can put you over the limit. That's all. 
  • I already didn’t drink and don’t like most of the redlight pregnancy foods but damn I miss poached eggs and eggs benedict! :-(
  • I just tried to nudge DH into letting me have salmon poke for dinner and he didn't go for it  :s
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  • @scp2585, you're my spirit animal.
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • I miss walking for more than 10 minutes without being short of breath and my ability to be productive. I think I'm confusing me being lazy with what is actually just being tired. I'm not used to needing to sleep and relax so often... but my body is pretty much forcing this on me right now. Anyone else??
  • The gym. I'd been really good about going 3+ times a week before the BFP, and even the first week or so after, but then I got hit with the "morning" sickness train and have needed to sleep in and/or not add to the "I'm going to puke if I do the wrong movement/move too fast/etc." thing I already have going on. Plus now my muscles in my hips have started to stretch and hurt, so it's even more out and I feel like a lazy bum. My Apple Watch yelling at me is NOT helping.
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  • I already didn’t drink and don’t like most of the redlight pregnancy foods but damn I miss poached eggs and eggs benedict! :-(
    @petitpoischiche I am a big poached eggs person, and I found it really settles my stomach like no other meal can. What I do now that I'm pregnant is let the eggs steep longer so they cook all the way through. Granted, it is not as delicious as the runny poached eggs of the past, but the rest of the flavor/texture is there. I make mine over chunks of buttered toast in a bowl. 
  • @julybaybay & @petitpoischiche I think you can buy pasteurized eggs at the store... they may be a little more expensive, but I am under the impression that they are much safer to eat runny or raw in recipes. 
  • @scp2585 are you in CA?? I know always pick up my wine from V sattui, it sounds like I need to try Miner family.
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  • I miss hot baths. We have a big 3’ by 6’ tub. And I usually soak in it for hours in nice hot water. My choices now are, make sure the water isn’t more than 100* or I’m only in it for 10 mins... what a waste of water. I miss it so much. 
    I desperately miss not feeling good. I have cried multiple times for days because I just don’t want to be sick anymore. I miss energy. 
  • I really really miss running. I’ve just been so tired I have no motivation, and my 730-8pm bedtime these days isn’t leaving much time. But I’m a distance runner and I am so missing my weekend long runs even without training for anything. I’m able to run right now but when I get the motivation I can only do like 13-14 minute miles and it’s not even fun haha
  • I miss tuna tartare. 😬
  • I miss sushi so much! My sister in law said she will make sure it’s my post push meal! That and sour cream and onion ruffle chips. I love them but they give me way too much gas to even want to eat them anymore. 
  • @vanillalatte89 I would just about give my right arm for a glass or two of Pinot Grigio.
  • Eggs Benedict! I already told hubby that it’s going to be my victory meal after child birth.
  • Bear14+Bear14+
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    To all the people who keep talking about raw/runny eggs... go to your grocery store, buy pasteurized eggs in the shell. They are 100% safe to eat. 

  • DARK CHOCOLATE. My favorite treat and it gives me a stomachache :cry: Citrus and coffee do the same thing. I also miss having any energy or motivation to work out. My first trimester should end right around the time all the new year's resolutioners leave the gym, so at least there's that. 
    As for my post-birth meal, I've already asked DH to bring champagne and a nova lox bagel to the hospital. Man do I miss cold smoked salmon and dry champagne...
    (Also, I love how this is the most popular thread right now.)
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  • I miss raw oysters.  I have been craving sushi too - I get the shrimp based sushi rolls instead.  I also really miss beer and all the seasonal winter drinks like spiked cider, mulled wine, egg nog. 
  • @babyginjuly I'm not in CA but as wine folk we have been to Napa and Sonoma a ton. We've gone on wine vacations inTuscany, Southern France, and all over the US. Miner is, without a doubt, some of the best. If you're nearby, DEFINITELY try them! We like stopping by V. Sattui when we are in town because of the FOOD. Just the other day I was lamenting that we live 3000 miles away from Gott's Roadside and I'd have killed for a burger and Mexican street corn!
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    I miss being able to just order whatever I want. I went to Panera the other day and ordered a Greek salad. I sat down and realized that feta is on the “bad list.” Looked it up, and all the websites I found said that Panera uses pasteurized. Whew! But it was stressful for a couple of minutes there. 

    Is this cheese thing even really a big deal? Aren’t most cheeses in the US pasteurized due to regulations? 
  • @rgn12 It's really hard to find a non pasteurized cheese for the most part. Virtually non existent in restaurants unless they are fancy cheese places... even then most of those are pasteurized. 
  • @Bear14+ that’s what I was thinking too! Thanks!
  • I miss having symptoms that can be cured. I have never felt this physically sick and miserable and in pain in all my life and for the most part the reactions of other mothers and from doctors is just that you have to deal with all this. I keep waiting for someone to have solutions that will take away this misery, not just ease it for a few minutes here and there. If I hear, ice chips, crackers, or a cold compress one more time, I’m gonna explode. If I weren’t pregnant and went to the doctor with these same symptoms they would be screening me for cancer or some other serious debilitating illness. Instead, I’m pregnant, so this torture is considered “normal” and I just have to “deal.” 😖
  • @julybaybay I feel you. I’ve cried a few times because I’m just so over being sick. 
  • @hakele glad someone gets it. I’ve been crying too. I feel bad for my husband. This is our first and I want this to be a happy time. Instead he is worried about me and I’m no longer cooking for us or cleaning or being a good partner. And I try not to complain to him about how bad it is, because I don’t want to tarnish this time for both of us, but it is getting tarnished. 
  • I MISS SEX!!!!!!!!!! 🤬😢🤬😢
    I know a lot of women have no desire right now, and I get it, but DH and I have struggled in the past due to undiagnosed PPD and severe depression on my part. A lot of talk, a lot of work, a lot of scary openness has brought us to the best place we've ever been as a couple, and I miss that connection with him. I miss the orgasms dammit!
  • NYE and I really feel like a cold glass (or bottle) of Prosecco. I have a bottle of non alcohol sparkling wine so we will see how that goes 😬 
  • @elle_88 yesss Prosecco! Hubby got me a non-alcoholic sparkling rose the other day from Publix. I was so excited, but nothing like the real thing. 😭 It wasn’t bad though. 
  • Is anyone else avoiding ranch dressing and mayonnaise? I’m missing these two things but am unsure how serious it is to avoid them or not..
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