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Power of Prayer 6 DAY FET

Hello ladies just want to give y'all words of encouragement if you believe in the Lord like I do he is all you need please do yourself a favor and not compare your transfer to anyone else don't compare the embryo grade nor whether it was a 3 day or blastocyst.Listen am a living testimony. I had a 6 day transfer 12/6 I started testing 6 days later BFN.I was a lil discouraged but knew God didn't bring us this far for nothing. I tested the next 12th day BFN. Honey God is so good I test 13th day at around 3:30 am BFN I cried like a baby the devil tried to discourage I use a cheap generic brand from Family Dollar. My dh said there is still tomorrow.So he said retest lets go to Wal-Mart we got the Clear Blue generic same day at 6 in the morning.No line they can be deceiving we need to see pregnant or not pregnant and low and behold 3 hours later my test was BFP ladies please pray and believe.

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