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Hello everyone! I’ve been reading threads & lurking for a while. I decided to join in when I realized I couldn’t post anything when I was reading something related to my situation and couldn’t share my own story, to help support someone or get some support as well. Anyways, me and DH have been ttc for 7-8yrs. and only since January of this year we decided to get aggressive and get some help. This is ttc #1 for us and have been seen by OB and RE. I had HSG done, all kinds of blood tests, and u/s; all my stats came back normal (meaning both tubes are open, cycle is regular, I ovulate on my own, AMH is ok, & DH have normal SA ) so we’re put in “unexplained” infertility category. I had an iui done the first time last month and I was so heartbroken when I got bfn since I had all the symptoms (I thought it was pregnancy symptoms but all it was probably is from the medications I took -I was on 5mg of Letrozole cd3-8 and Ovidrel as my trigger shot). I’ve spent a lot of time researching, reading, lurking, and looking for some kind of explanations while on this ttc journey since I never thought in my mind I would be experiencing this (I’m the first in my family history who’s having a hard time getting pregnant). I wasn’t aware of many women (thousands by number -it was shocking to me!) going through TTC until I faced the same situation and started reading boards & forums, & looking for clinics. 
I just had another iui again this month after the failed cycle and on my 2ww right now (with 1 more week to go). The plan is to do 3iui cycles and if all fails then we’ll move to ivf which I’m not really looking into it or not planning or even wishing to do it. I’m hoping and praying so hard to get my bfp before I end up quitting this ttc journey and just let go of this dream to be a mother someday. 
I hope to get some inspirations in your own stories and maybe stay in a positive mind. 
Good Luck to everyone ttc and hope we all don’t get tired of all the frustrations, depressions, and struggles in life that we all have to go through on daily basis including this sometimes tiring and heartbreaking journey. 

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  • Welcome.  I did IUIs with femara for 3 rounds and it didn’t work.  I then did another 3 rounds of IUI with femara plus injections.  I can’t recall the name of medicine for the injections but it is used for IVF. We did get pregnant with that but had a miscarriage.  The next step would be IVF but we aren’t doing that.  I just wanted to let you know that there is another step before IVF.   Hopefully you won’t need it and the IUIs with femara work.  
  • Thank you for sharing! Yes, I don’t think I would do any IVF so sticking to iui for now, one more try after this one and we’ll see. I will probably ask about those injections and if there’s other options. 
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    @ohmybaby I remembered name of injections it was gonal f but there were about 3 possibilities.  My RE also told me to take 25mg DHEA and 200mg twice daily of coq10.  It takes a couple months to get into system and that’s when I got pregnant.  So you might want to ask RE about that too.  Dhea and coq10 is over the counter 
  • Good luck with everything - I'm rooting for you! One thing that comes to my mind is that after this at a bare minimum you know you explored the options fully. It's true that a lot of people struggle with conception but many of those people do wind up having child(ren). I wish you the best of luck with conception and with discovering solutions! I'm TTC on my second cycle is all and have no clue yet what I'm in for, only time will tell. 
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