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Let me introduce myself. POLYP & PCOS

Hello everyone. Im back and fully ready to TTC again! My name is.Jenny and my husbands name is Chris. I am 22 years young and he is 23! I know i know we have plenty of time to have babies! Blah blah blah. Let me just say my husband is military And deploys in January and well honestly our whole plan from the beginning (5/26/14) was to have our own little family. We never prevented a baby from happening but our time just never came. We didnt really start trying to concieve though til the end of 2015. Ive had irregular periods my whole life and i kind of figured that played a huge part in why we couldnt concieve so i went to our little hometown doctor paying my way to figure out was was wrong with me. Thats when i found out about my pcos and thats all they said was wrong with me. We did one round of clomid and i took OPKs and it said I ovulated but no luck. A couple years past by and my husband joined the Army. HEALTH INSURANCE= WE CAN START TRYING FOR A BABY AGAIN!! So i went to my doctors here and they told me i have pcos and a polyp in my uterus!!! I had to have surgery to remove a bunch of excess skin blocking my fallopian tubes. Like no wonder we couldnt get pregnant! I mean i still have the Pcos to worry about but at least we got the main problem out of the way. After my surgery i was prescribed 50mg of chlomid CD3- CD7 which my ovaries didnt react to and now i am currently on 100mg. i havent had a period  since august 6th so both of these rounds have been within the last month. I have an appointment on the 10th to see if i reacted to the higher dosage! Wish us luck! I want my baby before he deploys!!! 💙🥺

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