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  • I have felt like junk the last couole
    of days because I’m just not getting a good diet in being so sick. I forced a premier protein shake down this morning. It was rough getting it down but I’m hoping the increase in protein is going to help me feel better in the long run. My son has pictures at 11 today and I need to be on my game.
  • I have a CrossFit competition today and I’m ready looking forward to it. Hoping it goes well. 
  • @wineandcoffee good luck!!
    @nopegoat huge bummer about the flooding :cry: we had a lot in our area this summer. I hope you can get everything cleaned up without too much trouble!

    We braved the mall with both of our littles. Yikes, it was chaos. But we are basically done with Christmas shopping! Just need to get a picture frame/photo, a gift card, and one other thing. I've felt like such crap that I haven't even been in the Christmas spirit, but my DH has a long weekend this weekend so hoping to do something fun with the kiddos! 
  • DH just left for a business trip and won't be back until Thursday night 🙁 We haven't announced our pregnancy to anybody yet so a bit depressing being home alone and 7 weeks pregnant with nobody to talk to...except the dogs. 
  • Anyone willing to help? 
    My good friend is driving. Me. CRAZY. 
    Shes a bit clueless. Hate to say it but she’s extremely ditzy. When I first met her, I thought it was an act. But it’s not at all. 
    She has been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 months. I’ve had to explain every. Single. Detail. She didn’t know what ovulation (still doesn’t completely understand). Every month about 12-15 days before her period she texts me with several different symptoms and asks “when should I take a test” I told her, my answer will always be the same. To wait until your missed period. Tell her that it unlikely she would have symptoms that far behind her period and that implantation may not even have occurred. She’s looking up all the symptoms and making herself feel those symptoms. I’ve tried everything to just make her calm down and be patient but it’s every day up until her period... a new symptom every day lol I’m losing patience and I feel like I’m talking to a 5 year old. She’s not listening to anything I say. How do I get her to understand!? Lol 
  • @bartonolivia Tell her to download Fertility Friend app and maybe she'll get more into taking care of it herself? I haven't used it but I think it has insights of when your fertile week is and when to test. 
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  • @mamanbebe she has an app like that. She researches everything but it just doesn’t register to her! It’s driving me crazy. She calls me 3+ times a day 😂
  • @bartonolivia That's so frustrating! I hope she gets her bfp soon and you get some reprieve :) 
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  • @mamanbebe I’m hoping she does too. I keep telling her if she stops focusing on it so much that it’ll probably happen much faster. Tends to happen when you stop trying so hard! 
  • Yea I have a feeling after she gets her BFP she'll still call you numerous times a day with pregnancy questions. 

  • @nopegoat she will. And I’m sure 3 months leading up to the delivery she will think she’s in labor every day. I feel so bad because she really is a good friend of mine. I’m her maid of honor in her wedding. I love her to death but she’s driving me crazy. 
    I told her “you’re driving me crazy” she said “girl, It’s been a week and I haven’t asked anything!” Lol 
  • @bartonolivia maybe recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" to her! I've heard it's really great! Or tell her to join a forum like this for those trying to get pregnant!
  • @bartonolivia I’d have her join a FB group for TTC. They are a lot more receptive to 245853 questions a day than we are here and she might find more of the kind of support she is looking for. 
  • @wineandcoffee how did the crossfit competition go? 

    @meandlittlebabyb I hope Thursday comes quickly! ❤️ 

    @bartonolivia maybe the What to Expect  App? They are a bit nicer on newbs lol. 

  • @bartonolivia Has she tried the Ovia Fertility app? If the moms on the Ovia Pregnancy app chat section are anything to go by, that may be her crowd. I love the app for the data tracking, etc., but I have to stay away from that chat area, it hurts after a day or two.
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  • @nopegoat it was fun! I didn’t win but I also didn’t get last and I didn’t get hurt, which are usually my only two “rules.”  
  • @nopegoat it was fun! I didn’t win but I also didn’t get last and I didn’t get hurt, which are usually my only two “rules.”  
    I can't believe you did a crossfit competition in your first trimester! And I'm over here happy because I got up and did the dishes lol. Congrats!
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  • Right @tsa208?! @wineandcoffee is totally a bad ass!! 

  • I recommended so many different apps and stuff the first time around. She texts me every time around this time of the month and says “I’m cramping and I never cramp until I’m starting my period” (she did it today.... again) I told her that it seems like she cramps at this time every month. And she came back with “no it doesn’t! I looked it up and implantation bleeding can last for 3 days” I’ve told her yesterdayto just stop thinking into any symptoms and to specially not text me about anything pregnancy related until the day of her period. And she did it AGAIN today. Also told her “I’m like talking to a 5 year old that doesn’t listen”  (I’m very honest with her LOL) and she still continues. 
  • Haha @tsa208 and @nopegoat it wasn’t as glorious as it sounds, but it feels good to still be moving. I can’t say I accomplished a whole lot on Sunday though :) 

    happy birthday to your third @nopegoat! He looks so happy!!
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