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Speech Therapy

hi there! Anyone with littles in speech therapy? 
My daughter is 19 months and has qualified for therapy . She has 8-10 words. 
Many one with experience in this?  Views? What to expect, did it work etc? 

Re: Speech Therapy

  • We just started EI services over a month ago. LO (17 months) has definitely made progress even in this short time in forming new sounds with his mouth and his intent to communicate. I was super anxious going in, and now I look forward to every session I have the opportunity to sit in on. Its truly a wonderful program and your daughter will benefit so much I'm sure!!
  • My oldest was about 18 months when we started speech therapy with her through Infant Toddler Services here. We found that she could understand but couldn't communicate with us which led to a lot of temper tantrums. We encouraged speaking but sign language was a life savers for us. 

    And if it helps she is now 5 is after going through speech therapy for a couple of years and even having an individual education plan with her school (pre-school) she was discharged because she caught up. Just keep encouraging communication and be positive and praise her whenever she does talk. 

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  • I found it to be a waste of time.  Therapist was just telling us to speak slow and clear.  Honestly didn't even work directly with my son.  Just observed his play.  Told us to continue to read to him and sing songs...which we were already doing.  I think it is more about the assessment of development as opposed to teaching them to speak more.  If you qualify, then go but don't expect too much from it.  At that age it is hard to tell if they are having any issues with talking or just late.
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