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Any hope?

Last night started spotting pink and dtd with husband, then started bleeding bright red this morning. Freaked and called the doctor, who sent me for an ultrasound and bloodwork. I’m supposed to be five weeks today. Ultrasound tech said there may or may not be anything to see this early and my results came back the same. After ultrasound, passed some tiny clots. Doctor thinks miscarriage. She wants me to have blood every 2-3 days to check if my levels are dropping. Didn’t get the results of today’s back yet. However, my bleeding finally slowed down. Is this normal for a miscarriage or is there still hope?

Edited to add hcg came back at 24.3. 

Re: Any hope?

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    Some women spot throughout their entire PG and go on to have a healthy living child. I'm not one of those women. 

    They will tell you that the most important thing about hcg is that it doubles every 48 hours. I will tell you that if you were temping and are ABSOLUTELY positive that you were supposed to be 5 weeks exactly yesterday, that an hcg level of 24.3 is exceptionally low for that time period and does not look good. If you are only guessing you're around 5 weeks based upon when you DTD/cycle dates, you may have more hope. Unfortunately, you can't really do anything but wait for the next beta number...

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  • I have had 2 successful pregnancies with an initial beta quant at less than 25 at 5 weeks. Please go by the doubling trend and not by a single quant, as level vary widely woman by woman.
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  • Thank you ladies. My gp is sending me today to see an obgyn and I’ll be getting the next blood draw as well. 
  • Good luck to you!
  • good luck, hope you have positive news!
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