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my son is 2 months old and for the past week he’s been keeping me up until 2-4am I’ve seen a Lactation specialist many times because I just found out I have oversupply milk. There’s only 2 positions I can feed him at, has this happened to anyone else? He’s constantly acting like he’s hungry, they told me let baby sleep no longer than 2 hours which I do I wake him up every 2 hours to feed him. Still st night it’s the same thing. Any suggestions? Any information would be helpful

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  • Why don't they want you to let him sleep more than 2 hours? I remember my LO started sleeping longer stretches around 2 months and unless for a specific medical reason I wouldn't wake a sleeping baby.
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  • That advice seems quite odd to me, too. My daughter started sleeping through the night at 2.5 months and was sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night from birth. 

    Why do you think "only" being able to feed from two positions is a negative? I only used two positions - lying on my side and the common cradle hold. I tried the football hold a time or two, and it was just hard to make work. 

    I say nurse him whenever he wants it. Avoid pumping except when you're very uncomfortable so you won't continue to have an oversupply. 
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