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Poking my head in

Anybody home?
I was here years and years ago, mostly as a lurker, and came back to find my regular haunts dead AF. Then I saw this board and thought, "hey I'm a working parent! This could be where I go!"

My daughter is 6 and both MH and I work full time. I am lucky in that my job is super flexible and family friendly, so when shit hits the fan with DD, it usually falls to me to WFH and tend to her or take her to work with me. I can't complain about that too much, but sometimes I just want to shut myself in my office and work like a normal person. 

Please tell me this isn't another dead board?

Re: Poking my head in

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing member
    edited November 2018
    It is pretty dead, yes. Basically, if you're not a member of a BMB or super actively (temping and such) trying to conceive/having difficulties trying to conceive, there's not really anything for you on these boards anymore. Most of the boards besides those ones get minimal traffic with only occasional posts asking for advice. 
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