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IVF Embryo Arrest Before Day 3

I am 38 yo and with no known fertility issues. I went the IVF route because my husband has Azoospermia so we needed to use a sperm bank. 

My first IVF cycle was a short stim cycle. I had 14 eggs collected and 11 were fertilized. On day 3 the embryos were categorized as medium / poor quality and two were transferred resulting in a BFN. The rest of the embryos arrested before Day 4.

On my second cycle the doctor put me on 5 days of BCP and a long stimulation starting with Lupron. This time they collected 10 eggs with 7 fertilized. They did a Day 2 transfer but the results were even worse. All remaining embryos arrested before Day 3, gaining lots of fragmentation.

I know this is likely an issue of egg quality and I feel hopeless. We already had to get a sperm donor so the thought of having an egg donor and a child genetically related to neither of us has been hard to take. 

Ladies can anyone give me stories of encouragement from similar scenarios? How many cycles should I do with poor results before considering egg / embryo donation?

Thanks for all your love and support!

Re: IVF Embryo Arrest Before Day 3

  • @ellabella79 have you read it begins with an egg? 3 months of supplementation and diet change may significantly impact your egg quality prior to attempting another cycle
    2012 married, me 34, DH 35
    2015 TTC TI, OPKs
    2017 dx MFI, endo
    2017, 2018 clomid IUIs BFN
    2018 IVF #1, FET #1

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