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Lydia- how many do you actually know?

Lydia is still in the running for DD #3, it is my favorite but I worry that it is popular or on its way to being really popular. I am from MI and only know 2- one is 20 something and the other is 3. So, my question is- how many Lydias do you know? (and your general region/location would be appreciated!) Thanks!

Re: Lydia- how many do you actually know?

  • The only one I know is in her 30s
  • I know 2 babies and two women in their 30s
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  • I know of 1, about a year old in South Central PA
  • I know an "original" Lydia who is 90. I live in Colorado.
  • I only know 1 baby girl with that name 
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  • I don’t think I know any. I’ve heard it once or twice on the playground and know someone that would have used it but had a boy
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    I don't personally know any Lydia's, baby, child or adult
    ETA: I currently live in MD but have also lived in Chicago and Philadelphia areas
  • I have known three in all my years, and I will estimate their current ages at... 33, 25, and 8. 
  • Only one, currently age 5, in Texas (but I’ve also lived in CA and CO and never met one).
  • West coast, and as far as I can recall I've only met one who must be 27/28. I don't know many little kids/babies, though.
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  • 3, and they are all in their 20s.
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  • I know 4-- two are 14 yrs, one is 4 years and one is a baby
  • I live in MI as well, and I know two: one who is probably 35ish, and one who is 16ish.
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  • I don't know any! I think it's just lovely, and you should definitely go for it!
  • I know a couple of old women, no young ones.

  • I know one Lydia who is in her 50s
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  • I only know one and she about 7. I’m in VA
  • NorCal. I know one in her late 30s.
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  • My cousin is a Lydia and she’s 10. I really love the name!
  • I know 1 Lydia that I went to school with, she's in her 20s. It's a really beautiful name!
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