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Membrane Sweep

I'm 39.5 weeks and had membrane sweep done this morning. Havent had any signs of labour. If you've had it done, how long did it take for you to go into labour? 

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  • I had mine done twice with my first pregnancy- the first time (at 39 weeks) nothing happened but the second time (about a week later) perhaps did the trick- I began feeling mild contractions that same night.  The next afternoon was when the intensity of my labor increased and my son was born that night.  I will absolutely want to have it done again with this pregnancy (due 10/29).   I think I remember my OB saying that if membrane sweeping does work, labor would start within 24 hrs.  Fingers crossed for you! 
  • Is it painful to have your membrane swept? I declined last time and didn't end up needing it, but would be interested this time if labor doesn't start by due date.
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  • I had a painless membrane sweep with my first baby and had her 48 hours later at 38+6. This time I had my membranes swept at 39+6. It was painful, I cramped something awful, felt like I was in labor, and bled and had nasty cervical mucus for three days. I ended up getting induced on 10/8 at 40+2. I presented with regular mild contractions, but no cervical change and baby went from his dropped position to high in my pelvis. I endured an awful 30 hr labor and had a 10lb baby. I really wish the membrane sweep a few days prior would have worked. I would give it a try.
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