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DIY Toys

What homemade toy(s) have your little ones found fun?

Re: DIY Toys

  • Supervised play:  put cornstarch, water, food coloring and marbles inside ziploc then inside another ziploc (e.g. double bagged, but reverse so no accidental spillage!).  Laid flat on the floor makes for fun yummy time sensory play!  Note:  my kids are 6 weeks premature, so your kids may be beyond this stage. :)  What creative ideas do you have?
  • I love this idea! I am, unfortunately, not very creative lol our friends did colored spaghetti noodles and thier LO went nuts! 
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  • One thing I did for Vinny (It's a montessori idea) is to use a plant hook to hang a ribbon with a toy on it. It's best with some elastic at the top, then the ribbon, then the toy. I put a loop at the bottom that snaps so I can swap out the toy. Popular toys are a large jingle bell, a wooden ring, etc. You can also hang mobiles when they're really little. 
    We also made the bell rattle - a 4 inch dowel with a jingle bell on either end. (see spoiler)

    Other things: a sponge with the green scratchy pad to feel textures, measuring spoons (loves this), a toothbrush (she has one we brush her teeth with, but DH gave her another for a teething toy). 

    We put different size grains in different containers for her to rattle. We did quinoa, rice, lentils, black beans, etc. in DH's empty 5 hour Energy bottles.

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  • We haven't tried a thing. Y'all are so creative! I tried blowing bubbles and he was terrified of them...
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