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Exchanging shower gifts, in poor taste?

Hi Im new here. This is my 4th baby but my youngest is 10 so we had nothing! My sister in law threw us a super nice shower. My question is this: Is it in poor taste for me to exchange a box of diapers for another brand I prefer to use? I had registered for a certain brand that I like, and received mostly that brand. I do not like the Pampers swaddlers but was given a big 4 pk box. I would like to exchange them for the Parents Choice brand that I would much rather use. I just don't want to seem like an ungrateful snot, but I would much rather have the brand I preferred from using them with my 2 middle kids. It feels like people thought I was registering for something cheaper, but the price was less of a consideration than simply my preference over the brand I found to work best. What do you gals think? Am I being too picky? Should I just use them or is it ok for me to exchange them to get what I actually wanted? 

Signed Picky Mama 

Re: Exchanging shower gifts, in poor taste?

  • I personally see nothing wrong with exchanging the diapers for your preferred brand. You are still getting diapers and not exchanging them for a bottle of wine or anything crazy so I wouldn't stress about it. 

  • Not a soul but you will know you've exchanged a box of diapers. Get the ones you like, and carry on. :)
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  • I agree that no one is going to notice what kind of diapers baby has on, get what you want. On the flip side, you may want to hold onto a couple boxes of a different brand just incase baby does have allergies to parents choice or they don't work as well for whatever reason. Babies can be just as picky as moms. 
  • Thanks gals, I was just doing what I call a "beyotch check" to see if I was just being a B about it. LOL!
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