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New here..need advice BC

Hi all im Ashley Im 32, im new to this whole thing. I am getting married January 19th. We would like to try to start trying to have a baby right after. Since I am on birth control I will know my period will come on January 2nd. I was just wondering if it is okay to stop my birth control after I get that period. Will I have bleeding or spotting after stopping it? Because I am trying to avoid having that during my wedding and Honeymoon and trying to avoid starting a new pack. Or another option i was thinking acter this pack is finished this month maybe i should stop then and for the new few months let my period come natural and get regulated. all the reading im doing seems to say it could take a few months after coming off to be regular again. Just wanted thoughts and opinions from you ladies!Thank you!

Re: New here..need advice BC

  • If you’re trying to be pregnant as soon as possible, I’d stop now. I’m on month 6 of trying/being off of BC (IUD) and still going strong with TTC. You can get to know your body/fertile window by using OPKs for the next few cycles. Good luck. 

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  • It can be up to a year for your cycle to become 'normal' after birth control.  If you dont want your period during your weddibg/honey moon stay on the birth control, as who knows when you will get it in a couple of months. 
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  • FWIW, my cycle came right back as soon as I stopped taking the pill/got my implant removed. Every body is different, so it depends on what your priority is: having control over your period and knowing you won’t be pregnant for your wedding or getting pregnant right away.
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  • I'm late to the post, I stopped taking my birth control in June and got pregnant in June....after i had my "birth control" cycle i got pregnant, so that's my two cents on that. I assumed I would have a bit of time for my body to adjust and that didn't happen. 
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