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  • I thought it was a scene in a hospital. Maybe something happened to Kate? The suspense!
  • Just caught up last night. We're yankees (DH) and Red Sox (me) fans plus football fans (Pats were on Thursday and RedZone all Sunday) so we're so behind on TV.

    I agree with others that Kate's self-pity has always bothered me. I think what really rubs me the wrong way is that she is so sensitive to every tiny comment every makes - very easily offended - but then puts her foot in her mouth and offends others all the time. It seems so hypocritical to be so sensitive about comments made towards you and so unthinking and insensitive about others. She's somewhat of a narcissist in my book but then has a lot of other traits that aren't at all.

    I felt bad for Randall at the end but also that I should have realized when Kate said it to Kevin that it was insensitive to Randall - which I didn't - usually I'm better at picking that stuff up. I usually feel like TV shows are so predictable but love that This Is Us keeps me on my toes.
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  • Yes to everything! Kate's insensitivity to everyone makes me so frustrated. Randall working too hard to prove he is part of something and to make his two dad's proud. Scared for Toby going off his meds, happy Rebecca came around and was there for her. But mostly hurting for Randall in the last scene. He encompasses what it is to be Jack more than any other character.
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  • Tonight’s the night! Anybody going to be watching?  
  • I'll be watching tomorrow on Hulu
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  • Probably tomorrow here too. 
  • Tomorrow! I always avoid this thread until Wednesdays 

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  • Dang it y’all! I need someone to watch with me. I don’t know if I can hold out til tomorrow! 😂
  • @msb615  Just vent your little heart out tonight and we'll catch up tomorrow LOL
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  • @kbeers13 I may have to so I won’t forget anything! 😂 
  • @msb615 I'll be watching it tonight if I don't fall asleep first! DH has been going to bed early, but I don't know if I can stay up....
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  • I’ll be watching it this weekend. Tonight I have to watch the Red Sox Yankees playoff game (Go Red Sox)!
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  • Me and dd are going to watch the music awards tonight, so I’ll probably catch up tomorrow!

  • @MelissaMay82 Go Red Sox! DH is a Yankees fan so last night was especially fun. We're on the west coast so theoretically I could watch both but I barely make it to 9pm so will watch in the next few days.
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  • @thebobloblaw Oh that’s right! I’ll have to try that. It looks like such a good episode tonight though.. 😬
  • @kvh22 oh a household divided 😁 DH and I had season tickets to the Red Sox this year, so it is awesome that they had such an amazing season. Hopefully we can have a repeat of last night 😉! I probably won't be able to stay up for the whole game though because I have to work in the morning and will have to set my alarm for 4:45am. 👎 #DoDamage
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  • Ok, so I watched it on Hulu this morning! Don't read further if you haven't seen it. I was bawling the whole time! I was so uncomfortable with Randall and Kate's conversation and felt both sides of it. But ultimately, I've been team Non-Kate lately because she lashes out with her emotions and doesn't think of others. I feel horrible for Beth and her not being valued especially when Randall is off saving the world for everyone else. Sometimes he seems clueless to her needs. 

    I cried almost the whole time Kate was in her dream state with her little selves and how shitty her angry self was. I'm also thankful that she got the chance to relive her sweetest moment with her dad and get the chance to "end it" on her terms, coming back to Toby. Still worried about the foreshadowing of going to see "her". WHO IS IT?!?!
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  • Don't read on unless you've watched it...this is your warning

    I really hope Randall will be there for Beth.  He gets these blinders on but she really needs him to be there with her.  I'm glad we are going to get more of Jack's Vietnam story.  I think it'll help to better figure out how he became "him".   Did anyone get super creeper vibes when Rebecca found where Jack was staying? But it was super sweet at the same time.

    I hate that I like this show...

    DS1 is 7.  DD is 1.  DS2 is coming in late April.

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  • Dammit if Jack Pearson isn't the most perfect man in the world. I love him so much. The part where Kate told Randall that him coming across the country was "the most dad thing, ever" had me sobbing. I feel so bad for Beth though and I really hope Randall is supportive of her!
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  • @zuuls_mom Gah.. like I realize it’s tv, but Jack really is so perfect. His dream of taking care of his mom, finding a good job, getting married and having a family and raising them in a house nothing like his had me crying. And Kate telling Randall that flying across the country was such a Dad thing got me too. 

    @mariposa_767s I love Randall, but I do feel like he gets blinders on and loses focus of what’s improtant sometimes. I feel bad for Beth. Hopefully Randall will be supportive for her because I really do love them together. 

    As much and Kate can be annoying with her pity parties, I’m so happy they were able to retrieve eggs for her. It being a failed effort would’ve just added to the pity partying. And thank goodness Rebecca didn’t get crazy and go to NY with the old flame. He seemed like a douchebag. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m excited to find out more about Jack’s story too. It’s going to have me in tears him losing his brother. I’m actually kind of surprised these last couple of episodes haven’t been complete waterworks for me though. I usually cry the whole way through not pregnant, and it was just a little crying in my cheese and crackers for a little bit tonight. 
  • I loved this episode. Add me to team jack is perfect too! I’m not looking forward to watching Toby get worse this season, other than that all the story lines are good this season. 

  • I read an article on an interview with the actor who plays Toby. He said that this season is going to see some rocky points in Randall and Beth's marriage, since it's always been so on point. Pretty sure this episode showed the catalyst for some of that.
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  • I got serious chills when Jack appeared in Kate's dream state and called her Katie girl. I just can't. And I agree, he's seriously perfect. Milo does such an amazing job playing him (I loved him in Gilmore girls, too). 

    I was on Randall's side until he started hounding Kate about adopting. I can understand his side of it, obviously, but I hate how he's shaming her for wanting to carry a pregnancy. And I'm so happy she got 8 eggs, I hope so much they get some good embryos. 

    Ugh Beth. I feel for her. She is such a strong woman, and this is such a blow for her. She can't always be the rock, and I really feel like Randall has a tendency to get tunnel visioned and toss her needs to the wayside (or I guess just forget she has needs at all sometimes). 

    Oh and freaking Toby. He was trying so hard to tell Randall he got off his meds. I have a history of severe depression and I've cold turkeyed my meds quite a few times. I'm feeling his story hard. 

    I'm going to bawl so hard next week, I just know it. 
  • Such a good episode.  A little tough to watch as I went through IVF myself. 

    Looking forward to learning more about jacks life.

  • Oh my gosh, when Jack says Katie girl. **Sigh**
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  • When Jack rolled his sleeves up and started washing the dishes!!! Ahhh I cried. 

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  • @secicc12 same! And I know this is a big time brag but DH was literally washing our dishes as this scene came on during dinner last night and I just melted. 

    I'm not always a big Rebecca fan but I kind of turned a little bit in this episode, finally getting to see that she had a feeling about Jack and knew something special was there.

    The Beth/Randall stuff was hard but I think the writers need to give them some sort of conflict. They'll come out just fine.

    Not always a big Kate fan either but I felt really happy for her in this episode and so glad things are looking up for her. I have a question regarding IVF - was the doctor referring to 10% success chance being the egg retrieval, or the implantation? 
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  • @peachy13 my understanding was just the whole thing has a 10% chance of being successful from egg retrieval, to embryo formation, to implantation and birth. At any point it has a 90% chance of going wrong. (TO MY UNDERSTANDING) I could be very wrong lol. 
  • Anyone else salivating about candy apples the last several weeks?! I’ve never had one, but watching Rebecca eat it was torture 😂😂😂
  • Such a good episode. I’m glad that Kate was able to have 8 eggs retrieved, I really hope that this works out for her and Toby. Randall drove me crazy this episode. And I love Jack so much.
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  • I finally caught up and can join in! I’ll be in the Wednesday club though, I watch the day after on Hulu. 

    Ok, thoughts:

    -Kate annoys me all the time. I’m glad things worked out for her but I’m not any less annoyed at her. She is very “woe is me” and I’m over it. Take charge of your own life, girl 

    -Toby is the sweetest/dumbest. He loves her so much and will clearly do anything for her. 

    -Randall is def my favorite and I feel his feels SO HARD even though our backgrounds are not at all similar. I just feel so bad for him, he tries so hard. That episode where Kevin went and found him because he was freaking out 😭❤️💔

    -Poor Beth. She didn’t deserve that. I hope Randall understands this is her time and puts his councilman stuff on hold to support her with whatever she needs. 

    -I almost teared up watching Jack do dishes. I grew up in a somewhat similar way to Rebecca, women do all the housework and basically serve their husbands. H is nothing like that, he does way more dishes than I do and picked up ALL the slack while I was sick this weekend even though he was running on empty. Jacks the best. Also loved him on GG!

    -Beth’s cousin is selfish AF and I want her to go away. I’m so upset things didn’t work out with Kevin and Sophie, I wanted it!!!

  • I don’t know anout all y’all but as much as I want to know about Jack in Vietnam, watching it this morning made me nauseous. Had to turn it off 1/4 of the way through. Hoping to come back to it. Does it get less gory?
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  • @chloe97 yeah it's less gory right after the 1/4 mark. 

    I was crying like half way through this episode. It was weird to see their dad as a decent person too.
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  • Yes.  It's not gory for long. I thought the same about their dad @kbeers13 !  I kind of felt like this was a filler episode.  We did get a lot of background info but I kind of wish they would've gotten it all into one episode.  There's obviously going to be more which takes away from the present timeline imo.  But I guess that IS how this show works. Lol.  I couldn't read his brother's emotion in the end.  Was he surprised? Upset? WTF?  It didn't feel like an "oh hey there big bro!"  I couldn't tell what it was supposed to be.

    DS1 is 7.  DD is 1.  DS2 is coming in late April.

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  • I am watching it now.  

  • @kbeers13 It was weird seeing their dad as a decent person because he’s such an ass to them and their mom. 

    @mariposa_767s It did somewhat seem like a filler episode. The dynamic between jack and his brother made me kinda teary. I hope if this baby is a boy, DS will have that super close relationship with him and always look out for each other. I also couldn’t get a good read on how he felt about jack showing up. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 
  • Definitely seemed like a filler episode. I wish it had been mixed with present day, honestly I don't find war scenes all that interesting. It was hard for me to get into.

  • robyn2201robyn2201 member
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    I’m mad! Just sat down to watch and Hulu won’t let me watch the latest episode. It says “error playing this video”. Ugh! 

    Eta: Finally got it to work!!!
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  • @mariposa_767s I agree! It does feel like a filler episode and I couldn't really read the brother's face well but I'm expecting that it's either "I wish I went to Canada" or "Of course you had to try and be superman again because I can't do anything on my own". 
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