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Weekly OB Appointment Check In: Week of Sep 17-23

Appointments or updates this week? Tell us about them!! 

Re: Weekly OB Appointment Check In: Week of Sep 17-23

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  • 34+2, had NST today and have another one on Thursday as well as my weekly follow up and GBS test....
  • Had my BPP today and baby looks good.  Thursday I have my weekly appointment with my midwife and NST.  I have a few questions that I need to ask her so I'm writing them down so I don't forget.  My memory is crap these days.
  • @ummibtihaj I keep a running list on the notes app on the phone. Otherwise I’d forget all my questions too.
  • 37 week appointment today (36+4). I am 2cm dilated and 25% effaced so she was happy that cervix was still fairly long. She also confirmed baby has definitely dropped into my pelvis...hense all the pressure and peeing!! I just need to make it to Friday for my last day of work LOL then I am good to go! They are sending me for another growth scan as I am still measuring small and I've also lost a bit of weight the last couple weeks, so they are being extra cautious. I have that at the hopsital tomorrow and I'm excited to see baby again!!   I'm starting to wonder if this baby might just be a September baby...
  • momoflogan20momoflogan20 member
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    37.4 appointment did a growth check u/s and he is 50 percentile at exactly 7 pounds. He has a ton of hair just like DS. I didnt want a cervix check it really irritated my cervix last week and im pretty sure I didnt progress from the fingertip. He is still super high so not expecting him anytime soon. 
  • 35.3 weeks. Baby is measuring right on track, good amount of amniotic fluid and she is still head down. Did my GBS culture and Dr did a cervical exam, 3cm dialted 25 effaced. I was surprised since im a FTM. Md said that i'll probably have a fast labor. Yay!
  • 37+3, 2cm and 60% effaced.  Baby sounded great and is def still head down.  I don’t want to rush this baby out but work is getting SO bad that I will not be sad when I am officially done!!  Had DS at 39 and DD at 38+3. I was 3cm with both of them for a couple weeks so we’ll see...
  • @acciocoffee oh gosh that sounds scary, I’m sorry you are dealing with this! Glad to hear you guys are okay right now and sounds like you’re in great hands. Keep us posted! Thinking of you! ❤️
  • @acciocoffee Im glad things sound okay, but that's scary. I'm glad you'll keep getting NSTs and hopefully you don't have to stress for long.
  • @acciocoffee sending you good thoughts!! It sounds like baby does have a good strong heart beat when you aren't contracting, and multiple OBs agree that there should be a plan in place! Hopefully your NSTs will continue to look good and they'll figure out what the best course of action is to keep you and baby safe!! ❤❤
  • @acciocoffee I hope your stress level stays down and the MFM will be able to ease your worries! 

  • Went  in for my 36w+2d appt yesterday and I was 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced! Total shocker. With my first baby , I was not even 0.5 cm dilated by 42 weeks and had to get induced at 42 weeks and 2 days. Then I was in labor for 48 hrs (I slowly dilated evem with the induction). Been feeling contractions but not regular enough or for that long. 
  • @acciocoffee sending positive vibes your way.  Im sure that is very stressful but hopefully you will get to meet baby soon!

    36 weeks yesterday and had US, OB appointment and NST.  US showed baby was about 7lbs so OB said to expect about 9lbs at delivery.  I was 1cm dilated and she said my cervix was still long. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't further along since I have been having a lot of contractions for the last several weeks.  Honestly its a good thing because I am not ready for baby to come yet.  My NST was good and I was having a bunch of contractions and baby was responding well so we will wait and see what next week brings.

    Cross posted to FB.

  • @acciocoffee FX the MFM can get a plan and keep you updated and relaxed! 

  • HoosOnFirstHoosOnFirst member
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    Final ultrasound today and 36 week ob appt, got GBS swab and flu shot. Baby estimated at 7 lbs 9 ounces at us but ob felt him and said no way, he’s probably more 6.5-7. Apparently the us calculates based on the “core” and maybe he’s just a bit thick in the middle :) my daughter was the same, not fat, but built kinda like a tank. 

    Cervix still completely closed. He’s head down.
  • 37 weeks today. Talked to my midwife about pain management options as well as telling her that I absolutely didn't want the same pain medication I had with my last baby. She made note to check my chart so that we could request something else if need be. It was so bad I immediately asked them to stop it so I'd rather not deal with it again. 

    I was bummed because we're not checking my cervix until next week. I kind of wanted to know if there was anything going on but I guess I'll have to wait. We're all getting anxious waiting for this baby's arrival. 
  • rabtaido1214rabtaido1214 member
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    Had my 38 week appointment today. Gained a little less rehab a pound in the last 2 weeks and fundal height was 37cm (36.5 at my 37 week appointment) so she’s sending me for a growth scan. Seems like overkill, but I’ll take a chance to see my baby and get some reassurance. Anyone else have such a cautious doctor?

    eta: she wanted the BPP done today or tomorrow. Not sure if there is some urgency for wanting it so soon, but she said she wasn’t super concerned or she would have made me go there right at that moment.
  • 38 week appt today! Not even a little dialated which was disappointing. Baby has dropped at least!
  • alexa_94alexa_94 member
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    Had my 36 week appointment yesterday (9/19). We went over my previous delivery and my doctor was able to talk to my husband this time. We agreed to do weekly growth scans to see where baby is at in growth. He did an unofficial scan in the room and measured her head and looked at the fluid. If I were to go into labor and deliver today I could do so vaginally. He’s concerned what the next few weeks have in store for growth.  Right now he said she’s “average” baby size. The concern is due to another possible shoulder dystocia birth. I learned with my previous delivery I was pushing for 3hrs when the average second stage is 20 mins to 2 hrs. Then the doctor had to perform the Woods corkscrew maneuver so I could deliver my DD. Also it’s due to my small stature/narrow birth canal, so I kind of feel defeated as a woman. We will watch her growth but if she’s getting close to 8lbs+ he said we need to do a c-section. 
    So I have an u/s set up for a week followed by another OB appt. Also had GBS testing done and more cultures to make sure I am infection free. 
  • @rabtaido1214 my OB seems very cautious too.

    My 37 week appt was similar. Belly measured 2 wks small (again...this happened a couple wks ago) and I lost 2lbs I think since my last appt. So she ordered growth scan and I was scheduled the following afternoon!

    Of course everything is fine. I suppose I'd rather have a cautious doctor than a passive one? Just covering her bases. 
  • 34+5 appointment today, GBS swab done today since all my babies have been born at 36 weeks, cervix is dialated 1cm.
  • That's so exciting @kfrob!!! <3
  • 37 week appointment today. Group B steep culture from last week is negative. Baby boy has dropped. Fluid levels are more normal. The NP thinks we will be having a baby soon. Scheduled an induction for after due date just in case, but I’ll be really surprised if I need it.
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