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Weekly Check in 9/18 (EDD 12/17-12/24)

How far along are you?

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?

Rants/Raves/Questions/Dear Diary?

GTKY: Where is the next place on your travel bucket list and why? 

Re: Weekly Check in 9/18 (EDD 12/17-12/24)

  • Still not sure what check in I belong to with my 12/24 EDD.  I'm lurking here even though I posted in the 12/24+ check in, so I guess I may as well post here too since this was my original group! 

    @snugglyduckling25 woot!  3rd tri is such a huge milestone! +1 for poopy sleep and lack of energy. Pretty much spend 1/2 my day yawning.  I so miss the tease of fall we got too. I'm over the summer humidity.  Plus, fall is the best season, so I'm ready!  Hopefully you can convince your DH to do the RV thing.  My SO wants to do that, but I'm not sold!  Lol

    How far along are you? 26+1

    How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? Feeling pretty good except reflux and backaches which are keeping me up all night. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions/Dear Diary? I just started back in the schools this week for work and I'm already ready to be done.  Can it be Thanksgiving already?  I was coughed on like 478 times. I don't want to be sick!!!!  Also, cancer sucks.  Kudos to my SO who's been helping me deal with all the shit that's come our way recently. 

    GTKY: Where is the next place on your travel bucket list and why?  I'd love to do Europe, or pretty much anywhere outside the US.  I haven't traveled much.  In the US, I really want to see Hawaii, Alaska, and Oregon.  I regret not traveling when I was childless!

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  • How far along are you? 27.2

    How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? Feeling tired and headache-y. Dog woke me up yesterday at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep...

    Rants/Raves/Questions/Dear Diary? I failed my 1 hr GD and now feeling a bit freaked out. Gotta schedule the 3 hr and figure it out.

    GTKY: Where is the next place on your travel bucket list and why? Alaska adventure cruise is definitely on the list. Wouldn't mind going to southeast Asia either but no specific places we have picked out.

  • @scaredunprepared Ugh...I feel you on being done already with work and ready for a break. I take off when my kids are out of school and I cannot wait for their fall break! Although, I’m taking Friday off just for me! And again, sorry about your pup - cancer does suck! 
    @hannelorre good luck on the 3 hour! Also, my DS1 and DH want to do an Alaskan cruise. DS1 then wants to go dog sledding, so that’s on a list somewhere too! 
    @ScootsMcG the campground at Disney looks fun! We went when I was younger with my dad and stayed in a cabin. They have so much to do there I think you can spend a ton of time just at the campground. We like to camp too and have been talking about a camper rather than staying in tents. 

  • @snugglyduckling25 @scaredunprepared +1 on being done with work. I was just thinking about just taking one day of me time in the next few weeks. 

    @ScootsMcG Yellowstone and glacier national parks look amazing! I think it would be really fun once kids are little older. My parents took me to a lot of places when I was little but I dont really have memories from those trips..
  • How far along are you?


    How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?

    Sciatica pain is becoming a part of daily life. Ive also started to get some heartburn here and there, usually when I eat junk food. Sleep is starting to be a struggle. Getting the belly comfortable is hard, then i wake up with hip and leg pain.....

    Rants/Raves/Questions/Dear Diary?

    Question - Is anyone else getting alot of b/h contractions. I've been getting them since 16 weeks, but it's still something I'm getting used to. With ds I never had 1 contraction, so when i started getting them I had no idea what they were lol

    GTKY: Where is the next place on your travel bucket list and why? 

    Mh and I would love to go to italy. He is italian,and there is a small town there with his last name we would love to visit. 

  • @lavenderlisa I have not had any BH contractions yet, like you I did not have them with my first. Then my second pregnancy I got them at the very end, so I’m curious if/when I will get them this time. I know my doctor said having other kids to chase after I will probably get them sooner and I should just take that as a clue to drink some water and put my feet up. 
  • @clbness - I googled GTKY questions, because I had nothing.  :#  I hope you get to have your date night! Also, traveling to different National Parks with the kids would be fun! My kids are always up for travel,adventure and outdoors, I'm really thinking summer of 2020 we need to take a 2-3 week vacation and drive west doing things like that. Hopefully I can make that a reality. 
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    @lippy625 +1 for being jelly of your friends! Also try not to feel bad, i think i get what your saying. Having just your friends there would be nice for help, but having a whole family there could be stressful. You might not be as comfortable and you may even feel the need to host instead of heal. Hopefully your friend will understand when y'all talk. 
     @clbness I didnt think about the toddler aspect so maybe that's what it is. 
  • @snugglyduckling25 Thanks for starting this up again! I'm always just too lazy/forgetful to start it up. :smiley: 

    How far along are you?

    27 weeks tomorrow!

    How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?

    Feeling pretty good actually. Just enjoying watching waves on my belly while she has a dance party in the evenings.

    Rants/Raves/Questions/Dear Diary?

    Re: Braxton Hicks. I think I've had some, but I'm always like, what is that? It's kind of light feeling and barely noticeable.... but it might be BH? Haha. 

    GTKY: Where is the next place on your travel bucket list and why? 

    Hmmmm. I don't know. We love traveling. Before getting pregnant we went to Australia/New Zealand and that was my ultimate bucket list trip! I have to figure out what my next trip goal is! DH has never been on road trips like I grew up with, so maybe some of those at some point.

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  • @lippy625 oh Tahiti/ Bora Bora and an overwater hut! Yes, I’ll take that too. One night DS1 and I were looking up how much it costs to stay in one. He offered to take me when he’s a professional baseball player, but he gets the room that connects the the pool since he’s paying for it.  :D 
  • @dreamalways good to see you here and hope your next ultrasound goes well!!
  • @dreamalways Nice to see you back!  I'm so sorry your past appointments have been unclear and stressful...I hope for wonderful results at your next ultrasound!
    @lippy625 Try not to feel too guilty!  As a Mom herself, I would hope she would understand.  I would feel the same way as you...having extra people in my house after I had DD was stressful and overwhelming.
    @lippy625 @snugglyduckling25 Thanks, I think we are going to go for it!  It looks like the IL's will now be here tonight instead of tomorrow.  And, I looked up his songs and I know a lot more of them than I thought I did.  :D
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  • @lavenderlisa that's definitely what would happen, I would end up hosting and entertaining if it was the entire family. I don't consider her a guest in my house, we've lived together and are very comfortable with each other, her H is another story. And if I have the baby late (due date is 12/18), I might have not even been home from hospital that long before they all arrive. Add to this that the guest room is next to the nursery (not sure he will be sleeping in there but still) and we aren't sure how one of my dogs will react yet to having the baby around (and he gets overly excited when we have guests), I'm a ball of anxiety. Sorry for the rambling but I'm definitely trying to make myself feel better about telling her no  :/

    @snugglyduckling25 that's so sweet of him!! Definitely write that down to remind him one day  ;) I'm going to share that with my aunt, my cousin is a professional baseball player and he flies her to all different cities so she can watch him play but I'll tell her she should aim for a vacation in the off season haha

    @clbness have a great time! Watching You makes me tear up a little bit thinking about baby and H in the future!
  • @lippy625 YES, I listened to that this morning and thought the same thing!  I always forget Rodney sings that because he kind of sounds like Tim McGraw in that song.
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  • @lippy625 that's so neat that your cousin is a professional ball player. I always wonder how many moms are like me and go along with it and in the back of my head wonder what he will actually be and how many moms fully think that is where their kid will end up.  :) I mean he's 9 so anything can happen, but it's not like they "employee" tons of people.
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    @clbness lol thanks for always being so welcoming :)  my girl is doing ok, but not much appetite anymore which is worrisome. Hopefully it's just cuz she's still not feeling great. She's getting around better and balance is improving, so that's a good start!  As for your date night,  DO IT!  If I could convince SO to go with me to a country bar, I'd be in heaven!  But no chance of that here, so I'll live vicariously through you. 

    @snugglyduckling25 thank you.  Enjoy your day off, you deserve it!

    @hannelorre you should definitely take a day off if you need it to rest. Lord knows most of us could use that!

    @lavenderlisa sciatica is real and it is no joke.  Heartburn is pretty serious too!  The combination is downright awful and getting comfortable is impossible.  Solidarity!  No real BH for me though, but I may have felt them twice.  Nothing super distinct though, so could have been weird RLP or pressure from baby. 

    @lippy625 thank you for your thoughts.  She's doing ok, getting around better, at least!  Hoping increasing pain meds will help her.  I totally understand how you're feeling about being a bad friend (no advice, just comiserating [sp?]). My BFF is coming back to NJ for my baby shower and asked months ago if she could stay with us.  I was hesitant to give her an answer, seeing as how we just moved to the new  (MUCH smaller) house and were in process of unpacking.  Then shit hit the fan and I got so caught up with everything else that I never got around to giving her an answer at all.  She called yesterday (and didn't even ask about staying with us) but I felt soooooo guilty and apologized like 500 times.  I want her to stay here but also am getting slight anxiety about it, so told her things are unfortunately too crazy right now.  She was totally understanding. I still feel bad, but honestly I had to do what was best for me and my stress!  Good luck with that situation. 

    @omnommer the couple possible BH I've had were kind of difficult to figure out....still not sure if that's what they were or not lol

    @dreamalways sorry about the pelvic pain and BH :(  And sorry that your USs have been kind of inconclusive.  Fingers crossed it's just baby's position making it difficult to get good pics and measurements.  My baby girl was very stubborn and had us worrying about her heart for 4 weeks!

  • @snugglyduckling25 you never know!! My cousin has been saying it since about that age and he's now finishing up his second year in the Majors at 25 yrs old. Then there's me who at that age was convinced I was going to play Division 1 basketball in college for the best team in the country and I didn't even make it through high school basketball because I decided I wanted to be a cheerleader instead  :D:D

    @scaredunprepared I'm glad to hear she's getting around better! I definitely doubted it when we were in the thick of my dog's injury but one day you'll look back on this and be so grateful you made the choices you did. My pup's 7th birthday is coming up, his injury and being paralyzed happened when he was 4, and I really can't imagine life any other way than how it's been. Just takes time :) As for your friend staying with you, you should definitely not feel bad at all!! You've had so much going on and I'm sure she understands. If only I could take my own advice ;) 
  • @lippy625 thanks, dear.  I'm sure you're right about the dog.  When she came to us she was a burn victim and her hair never grew back.  For the first year or so, that was the first thing I noticed about her. Then, she just became one of the dogs (not in a bad way!)  It's amazing how they adapt, and I'm sure this will take getting used to, but one day I hope to see her as no different than she was before.   I think we both need to take our own advice in terms of the friend thing ;)
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